Principal Zhang, who is rare to express his opinion, raised his watch to show his intention to speak。

The host readily agreed,Principal Zhang stood up with his hands on the desktop and said:“Listen to what Xiaofang said,Think about it right,I think it is necessary to discuss this issue,My situation is similar to what Xiaofang just said,Usually in meetings,I realized that once I said […]

Ronman said so,It’s exactly what Peng Changyi said,in fact,Does she fully understand what Peng Changyi said?,I have a question mark。

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“How are you doing in Kangzhou?” Listening to Peng Changyi asking himself like this,Ronman’s heart softened,No longer conceal the dampness in the eyes,Her eyes were red immediately,Choked and said:“Ugh,So-so……” Peng Changyi heard her overtones,There was a sardonic smile at the corner of his […]

“Skin monkey”Dragged a sentence of classical Chinese……Looks very knowledgeable!But he should be very talented,No one would doubt him at this point。

“No way?Are you forced to cooperate with them too?” Liu Xiaoyun asked in surprise。 “Also?Is there anything being forced to do with them??” “Skin monkey”Immediately ask sensitively。 “Yes!For example, Wang Lin who gave you fake documents,I was fooled by them,Wang Lin doesn’t even know what’s […]

Without waiting for Liu Xiaoyun to answer,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue had already rejected the general’s bad intentions in unison for the first time,And Liu Xiaoyun stopped talking。

why not?Give me a reason。 General asked。 I gave you Liu Xiaoyun,What shall we do?We all point to her to make plans, okay。 Qin Liang replied first。 She is my best friend,Also my sister,I won’t be separated from her if I was killed!Resolutely not! Shen […]

Peng Changyi said:“such,Talk to the mayor,Let’s send you off after drinking tonight。”

“No way,I have something to arrange at work tomorrow。To send,You send it tomorrow。” “Don’t be beautiful,No time during the day,unless……” “Unless something?” “Unless the mayor can arrange his own time to send you。” “How am I?,How dare to have Mayor Lao?Let’s go by car。” Peng […]

Next is the story of crying for joy!I can see that Qin Liang is a dumbfounding,Why do girls like to cry so much……I have to cry after a long time?

But what makes him even more puzzled is;Why has he never seen this girl named Xiaoying!Look at the way Shen Ruoxi is affectionate with her,It should be an old employee of Ouya,And it should also be Shen Ruoxi’s capable staff。 Shen Ruoxi and the girl […]

Qin Liang was shocked,Then I stretched out my hand left and right,Damn it!There is really no wind at all!

“Cry and cry,Still not admit,Really……I saw you wipe your tears,You still don’t admit。” Shen Ruoxi smiled and walked to Qin Liang and whispered。 “……” Qin Liang gave up explaining,He knows the explanation is useless,Women are like this,They only trust their eyes and intuition,She thinks it […]