“What is it?”

“You have another love,Betrayed the family,Betrayed me。”Jiang Fan almost gritted his teeth and said these words。 “Hahaha。”Yuan Xiaoyan laughed,Then stop laughing,Said viciously:“You don’t make me any better!Don’t think i don’t know something about you,Left with me,Good to marry young,Delusion。” “Don’t talk nonsense。” “nonsense,Humph,You say i […]

“Ugh……You silly girl,You are pushing me into the pit,You really think your husband is afraid of me,He used to be true,right now,He dared to throw me on the bed anytime……”

Murong Shan is a family member,She knows more about men than Shen Ruoxi,Since that day Qin Liang kissed her in the kitchen without hesitation,She knew;Qin Liang no longer fears himself,I kissed myself this time,If conditions permit next time,He will never let him go。 Yanzi stood […]

“Tut tut tut!You are so embarrassed to say!Old couple?The old wife who is still a virgin?”

Murong Shan put her mouth to Shen Ruoxi’s ear dismissively,Say in a voice that only Shen Ruoxi can hear! “roll!” Shen Ruoxi was suddenly embarrassed!She is most afraid of Murong Shan’s use“This matter”Frustrate her,But every time Murong Shan deliberately grasps this matter,This leaves Shen Ruoxi […]

And Si Shoujing pressed him about Ou Baobao,He also said Ou Zhaozhao’s name to test if he knew something。

Si Guangnian hesitated,Chose to lie。He said that only when the baby Ou is a fan visited the school,Said it was his younger sister to prevent being kicked out。As for the name Ou Zhaozhao,Si Guangnian worked hard to keep his expression as usual,No indication,It seems that […]

“Although I don’t know why,But probably,Can guess some。”

When Gao Xinshu is talking here,at this time,Gao Hong in front of us,It feels very interesting。 “in fact,Brother Ye Xuan did this,Most important,Still want to anger the Huang family。” Enraged the Huang Family? Other people looked over,Don’t understand。 If you do,For Ye Xuan,There is no […]