But now Kaifu,Although the speed is still as fast as before,Power is also as strong as before,But but I can’t even touch Sun Wukong.。

Although Sun Wukong is now“Alert”Not perfect,But the body has been able to judge without thinking,Original response。
certainly,Disadvantages,That is“Alert”It is invincible,But the ability to attack is extremely insufficient。
So Sun Wukong at this time,Constantly dodge attack,Constantly use the body advantage to approximate each other。
Although the other’s power is strong enough,But if you can’t get people,Then he can stand in an invincible place.。
As for the other side of the night,At this time, I was looking for a place to catch time recovery.,And glanced at the people left on the ring。
Forty-eighth minutes required by the Power Conference,It has been more than 30 minutes.,Sand in the huge hourglass on the top of the head,At this time, more than half。
Because of the previous night, we have eliminated a lot of players.,And fighting other places,At this time, there are not many people left.。
Even people in several universers,It has been eliminated because people participating in the conference,Now that the entire universe has been taken by the whole king.。
The rest of the scene is now,It is all the good hands left in all universities.,And http://www.yifeng8.cn each universe is almost only one or two people left.。
Instead, it was previously used as the seventh universe.,At this time, the remaining people is mostly。
Bike、Klin、The turtle fairy is defeating several opponents with enlifting meals.,They have been eliminated。
The strength of the magist brothers,And because it is almost unsatisfactory characteristics,Originally in this long-term big mix,It should take advantage of。
But this car is induced by the food that is changed by others.,I jump out of the range of the ring.,Almost didn’t give birth to Bruce。
But even if it is so,The seventh universe is also half the player left.,The most universe is the most universe。
The seventeentity of the No. 18th after the upgrade,Characteristics of the protective cover with infinite energy,Two people fight the eleventh http://www.dylsbz.cn universe“Pride team”Five people cooperation。
The power at this time still maintained the peak state at this time.,As for the 18th, it has become stronger than before.。
She after the upgrade,Features with increased energy by absorbing gas,So, theoretically, as long as you don’t arrive at the body limit,She can have always become stronger。
“I didn’t expect to have a day.,Your strength will be stronger than me.。”
Once again, cooperate with a opponent,Seventeen expressions have some sour and looked at the 18th。
Although it has been over,Now the 17th is much more mature than the original,But for the 18th to surpass this,Seventens are clearly still having some little unwilling。
Reason,Thirty years, I will still practice it.,But the 18th is completely a housewife.,But now is the 18th,This makes him find who said。
Chapter 939 Night war
“no way,Although I have a husband who can do it.,In addition to all day, I like to mix with Sun Wukong.,Various aspects of night is really impeccable。”
Feel the strength of the body,The 18th is also very happy。
He and the seventeen as a person,Want to improve strength,In addition to exercising the current body,Basically, there is no other way。
But the night is all,No. 18 holding his fist,I feel that the most perfect people in the most perfect man now.,Standing in front of you now,One hand of the 18th can explode each other!
Drugs who transform them,No. 18 now has no previous hate,Because if not the other party,You may continue to be a regular person,But I can’t encounter the current night.。
The sand in the hourglass is still lapse,The remaining people in the court have become less and less。
Baketa broke out to destroy God,Two people finally war,Double double falls。
As for Kaifu,In the end, Sun Wukong was also opened.。
As for the Sixth Universe,Like the previous Sun Wukong,To challenge the meditation,Eventually the same helpless defeat,Ironted by Qigong。
Means of,Now on the entire field,The rest of the people have only the seventh universe with the eleventh universe.。
And the end of the eleventh universe,The seventh universe has four people left.。
Night 哉、Sun Wukong、No. 18 and Four people。
Four people in the seventh universe,Expressive expression is unnatural。
Because no one wants,At the beginning, I was the most embarrassing seventh universe.,It’s actually so many people left.。
“no problem,Ji Lian’s strength is deeply,Even more people remain in the seventh universe。
But they fight from the conference,Strength is definitely not in the meditation。”