Edna quickly responded。

NS2490chapter I am too embarrassing.
Summer encountered the biggest crisis since this life。
Three major high hands。
Every war is not weak.,Even faint is more than one line。http://www.bdheshun.cn
This makes him fall into a great passive。
But what makes him surprised,Behind it comes to a man and a woman’s ability,It seems that it seems to be very simple water and fire.。
A single。
But very powerful。
Very powerful。
From a certain extent,Their ability even surpasses the meaning of the representative of the vocabulary.。
The man named Fisbund,Hand holding a big sword,It is a fire sea under a wave.,Big in the world,Only my exclusive spirit,Flame,The air has a distortion。
And the Past woman is even more extraordinary.,Seems to be in general,Several people fight,Lack of scoop。
And the field is sunny。
The key is these rain points,A moment of falling,It has become a cutlery,People can’t avoid,Also everywhere。
Couple with Wende Oss,No longer trying to re-imprison the summer。
So,Just fighting http://www.simier-shop.cn short moments,Summer was successfully created!Summer is naturally desperate。
No wire reservation。
Hands in the hand, the snake knife continues to take out the cold light shine,The knife is broken, the sound is constantly passing,Let this area Tongmate。
Jiu Yang Magic Three Killing,神、Cracked、Town magic strike。
The summer is full of fifty meters in the summer.,Finally, like a volcanic eruption.。
Three super strong people shouted at the same time,Recognize by life again。
Their plaques are like a bomb plowing a change,It is a pit,There is also a crack spread.。
Four-week onlookers,A refund,Far away。
Everyone’s face is filled with unable to cover up.。
It is both horrible for three major super masters.,More horror in the overlord from Huaxia。
Although he is being passive,Fall in the wind,Even when I was flying out from time to time.。
Can see,Last forever,The defeat is his only ending。
I want to take him in a short time.,Even if it is three major super masters can’t do it.。
The thorns of the sound continue continuous,Can’t see their movements at all。
They are like a four ghosts,Roofing momentum,Just fierce, the remaining wave is not able to endure the people close to。