All,Many places in the world,There is no logo on the world map。

And her special map does not exist this vulnerability。
Go to the past,Sitting on the couch,Summer will open the world map,Closer look。
But after a moment,The brow is not frightened.。
“What did you find?。”
Good sound can’t help but ask。
Summer did not answer,Push,Also grabbed a white paper,Quickly outline。
He used to be a special forces,Simple sketch is naturally not going on。
A few minutes later,Pattern seen on the wall of the cliff,It was taken by him in the paper.。
He handed him to a good sound。
“Can you see where this is?。”
NS2436Chapter Expectation
Good sound reaches hand。
Evergings in emerging。
Pattern on white paper。
After a moment,She also leaned over,Staring at the world map keeps viewing。
And rollback。
More than a lot of minutes,She shook his head。
“This jungle,Shanchuan and canyon,Too much on the earth,Can’t judge the specific location at all。”
Toned,She is sinking,“I think your picture is just a disabled map.,Is one of the small parts,If there is still another part,The chance will be a lot,Right,Where did you get these?。” Narrate。
Summer picking your eyebrows。
He is sinking,Decided to tell。
“I saw it on the cliff wall.。”
“Cliff wall?”
Good sound first, first stay,Turn over,Enthusiastic,The sound is not improved,“The cliff wall above the ghost cave?”
“This……”Significant sound is obviously imposed,“How can this be,How did you see??”
“Utilizing a secret law in the respected ring。”
Good sound,Deep staring in summer。
Summer is not afraid to look at it with her。
A few seconds,Good sound,Re-examine map,Faint,“Can you say a specific situation?,About the secret part of the secret。”