“Skin monkey”Dragged a sentence of classical Chinese……Looks very knowledgeable!But he should be very talented,No one would doubt him at this point。

“No way?Are you forced to cooperate with them too?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked in surprise。
“Also?Is there anything being forced to do with them??”
“Skin monkey”Immediately ask sensitively。
“Yes!For example, Wang Lin who gave you fake documents,I was fooled by them,Wang Lin doesn’t even know what’s going on。”Liu Xiaoyun deliberately lowered her voice,Said carefully,As if afraid that the police outside would hear what she said……
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The first thousand eight hundred and sixty-five chapters Selective compliance
? “I know this,Wang Lin does not know the inside story at all,He is really just giving something to a friend,You help talk to the police,Don’t wrong him,Wronged,Indebted,A good man,It should be my business,Just settle the account with me,
Don’t involve the innocent。”
“Skin monkey”I trusted Liu Xiaoyun to say such things!
“Liu Xiaoyun is really amazing!Between a few words,Got it‘Skin monkey’Trust her so much,amazing!”
Have been watching surveillance video,Director Huang listening to the monitor,Sighing to Yang Shiyun next to her,Meizi and Qin Liang said。“This is not the point,The point is;Liu Xiaoyun is such a girl in reality!I dare to say absolutely responsibly;Liu Xiaoyun is right now‘Skin monkey’What was said,Is the embodiment of her true temperament,She has always been a dare to love and hate,You can say whatever you want,Never cover
Cover up,Coy。”
Qin Liang said with satisfaction。
“That’s really rare!What a nice girl!”
Director Huang said with infinite regret……He really wants to have such a capable man!if possible,He is willing to keep Liu Xiaoyun at all costs!unfortunately,He can’t do this。