14 kinds of massage methods can prevent cancer


14 kinds of massage methods can prevent cancer

Tumors, Chinese medicine believes that it is a stagnation of evil spirits, becoming a tangible mass, belonging to “accumulation” in ancient Chinese medicine books.

Its occurrence, development can be attributed to the qi deficiency, qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm, wet poly, heat toxic and other entanglements, and accumulated into a tangible mass.

Chinese medicine believes that this process is related to the dysfunction of the liver, spleen and kidney in the five internal organs. Among them, the liver is mainly ventilated, and the air is tempered. “All diseases are born in the air”, the air machine is smooth, the blood, blood, dampness and other evils areCan not be condensed; spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, is the foundation of the day after tomorrow; kidney Tibetan essence, is the innate foundation, spleen and kidney constitute an important part of the body’s disease resistance ability (ie, righteousness);”The spleen and kidney function is normal, and the evil spirits such as blood, blood, dampness and poison can not invade the human body.”

Therefore, it is important to detect the function of liver, spleen and kidney in the daily maintenance process to prevent the occurrence and development of tumors.

After that, we introduce several kinds of exercise massage methods that can regulate liver and spleen and kidney, and are simple and easy to perform.


The caries have the effect of refreshing the mind, stimulating the kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Specific method: Before getting up in the morning, first calm down and calm down for a while, the mouth is lightly closed, the upper and lower incisors are opposite each other 36 times, and then the cavities are 36 times.


The head has a smooth flow of supervision, reconciliation of yin and yang, hurricane and pain, and the effect of brain care.

Specific method: two fingers and five fingers flexion, from the forehead to the apex of the forehead to push 40 to 50 times, such as comb hair; with a finger end from the forehead to the back of the neck, press 鎻?3 to 5 times; two fingers flex, use the fingertips evenlyGently slam the top of the head; grasp the hair with both hands and shake it up 3 to 5 times; put the thumb on the jade pillow with both hands, press the squat 20 to 30 times, then press the hurricane pool 3 to 5 times;Ten fingers crossed, the pillow bones, the two palms relatively hard to do a tight and loose movement 10 to 20 times.


Stirring the sea has the effect of strengthening the kidney and solidifying the kidney, cleaning the mouth and preventing indigestion.

Specific method: the front part of the tongue is upturned against the outer edge of the upper gum, and then turned to the left upper molar, the lower left molar, the lower incisor, the right upper molar, and the lower right molar, so that the tongue is stirred around the gum for a total of 5 times.


Drumsticks have the effect of helping digestion, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and improving the immune function of the digestive tract.

Specific methods: first stir the sea mouth mouth to increase the liquid, gently close the teeth, use two sputum and tongue to do the mouthwash, 婕?more than 30 times.

At the time of mouthwash, the amount of fluid in the mouth gradually increased. When the mouth was full, the mouth slowly swallowed.


Mingtian Drum 1 firstly folds the auricle back and forth with the palm of the hand, then presses the ear hole tightly, the index finger of both hands, the middle finger takes turns to gently tap the lower part of the cusp below the wind pool for 20 to 30 times, which can fill the kidney and make up the true yuan;After the ear hole is suddenly lifted off, so that it can be opened and closed 10 to 20 times repeatedly, it can refresh the brain and relieve fatigue. 3 The index finger of both hands is inserted into the ear hole and rotated 3 times, then suddenly pulled out, so repeated 3 to 5 times, the liver can be cleared.Explosive fire, Jieyu Sanjie; 4 two palms rubbing both ears 20 to 30 times at the same time, the two index fingers flexed with the second knuckle molars 20 to 30 times, can dredge the meridians, reconcile the organs, prevent limb pain; 5 both hands index fingerFinger press the upper and lower auricles of the ear boat 10 to 20 times at the same time, and then press the 鎻?ear cavity 10 to 20 times, both hands and the index finger simultaneously pull a pair of earlobes 20 to 30 times simultaneously, and then upwardLifting the wheel for 20 to 30 times can dredge the meridians, reconcile the blood and strengthen the brain.


The chest has a smooth ventilator, soothe the nerves, and the effect of relieving cough and phlegm.

The specific method: one hand into a virtual palm, five fingers open, use the palm to stun, the left and right hands alternately, each shot 10 times.


The abdomen has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Specific method: first remove the four fingers except the thumb with your right hand, press the middle part of the squat, do the direction of rotation 20 to 30 times, and then press the left hand for 20 to 30 times.


The umbilical cord has the effect of warming and stagnation.

Method: Use the palm of your left hand to stick the umbilicus, the right hand press the back of the left hand, and both hands rotate clockwise to rotate 100 to 200 times.


Shugan bile has the effect of soothing liver and gallbladder, regulating qi, regulating and rushing.

Method: The left hand and the four fingers are close together. Press the left groin and the right hand kneads the abdomen clockwise 20 to 30 times.


Rubbing the abdomen has the effect of soothing the liver and regulating the qi.

Method: Two hands and small fish are closely attached to the sides of the navel to rub up and down in the direction of the groin, 30 to 40 times, to the degree of fever.


The abdomen has the effect of solidifying the Peiyuan, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and strengthening the body.

Method: The right palm is attached to the abdomen to make a clockwise direction for 30 times, and then the left palm is attached to the abdomen to make a counterclockwise movement for 30 times, so that the operation is repeated five times.

The waist work 1 first presses the Shenshu point with both hands, and after a while, pulls it down to the tailbone, and gently rubs 50 to 100 times with both hands. It can reconcile the blood and dredge the meridians.Bushen Yijing; 2 hands on the hips, with the thumb face tightly press the waist, do the rotation press the sputum (to soreness is appropriate), you can warm the cold, adjust the dirty sputum; 3 with the right palm press at the life door, do the upper and lower 鎻塎ove 20 to 30 times, you can replenish your kidneys and strengthen your life.

The week has the effect of nourishing yin and reducing fire, and nourishing the kidney and strengthening the waist.

Method: Shrink the anus, tighten the anus when inhaling, relax when exhaling, and receive one loose for 1 time, 50 times in a row.


Wiping the spring has the effect of igniting the fire, yin and yang, Anyang Ningzhi, Huoxuetongluo and so on.

Method: Rub the right hand spring with your left hand, and rub the left spring with your right hand for 100 times each time; or press your thumb to the Yongquan point 20 to 30 times.

銆€銆€It is suggested that these massage methods can be selected one or two according to the specific situation of each person.

In addition, due to the reduced activity of some patients and increased social contact, there are often emotional and psychological problems such as excessive thinking and temperament. The long-term accumulation of these diseases will also affect the function of the viscera, leading to the occurrence of diseases (including tumors).

Therefore, on the basis of massage and massage during the period, you can cooperate with the maintenance of vitality (static work), exercise your own mind and breathing, thereby adjusting the physiology, dredging the meridians, smoothing the blood, coordinating the organs, and achieving the self-improvement of the spirit.