Is there any way to remove acne scars


Is there any way to remove acne scars

Acne marks and acne scars are a constant pain in many acne patients.

Although after a period of treatment, the acne of tuberculosis has been cured, but because of too late medical treatment or the acne has grown too much before, a lot of color has been left on the face where the acne has grown.The red marks, even severe scars, are reminiscent of orange peels or pits on the moon’s surface. This is what we commonly call “acne scars.”

  Acne scars are formed by infection or inflammation or squeezing by external forces. Usually, they are not treated in a timely and appropriate manner during the onset of acne. The inflammatory response of the skin cells causes damage to the skin tissue and the scar marks.

Because of the various types of acne, there are many types of acne scars, and the more severe the inflammatory reaction when acne occurs, the more the skin tissue is damaged; the deeper the inflamed area, the more the skin tissue is damagedThe deeper it is, the more severe the acne scars that may remain in the future.


hzh {display: none; }  所以说青春痘及青春痘疤是治疗青春痘时需要兼顾的两大方面,一套完善的青春痘治疗方案必须是皮肤内外科合并的完整医疗,包括在病症发作时Find a professional skin surgeon in time, take early preventive action against possible acne scars in the future, give effective treatment to the onset acne scars, and make surgical corrections to the acne scars that have already formed.Skin damage.

  Is there any way to remove the existing acne scars?

First of all, let us know the types of acne scars: acne scars can be divided into two types: stains (acne marks) and scars (depressions or depressions).

The stains are divided into red and black stains.

  Red spots are caused by inflammatory cells that cause blood vessels to expand.

However, after the acne disappears, the blood vessels do not shrink immediately, and a flat red and red temporary erythema is formed.

It will become redder when the temperature of the skin rises or during exercise. This erythema is not a scar and will gradually fade away within 4 to 6 months.

  The black spots are caused by the pigmentation after the acne is inflamed, leaving the black and dirty colors in the place that grows over the red acne and making the skin dull. These black colors will actually disappear by themselves over time.People who are anxious have to apply some melanin-removing ointment or receive a peel of fruit acid, and vitamin C is introduced.

  This type of pigmentation and pigmentation will disappear naturally after a long time, so they are usually temporary pseudo scars, not real scars.

Of course, it takes a certain time for the erythema and melanin to disappear, otherwise the constricted blood vessels will not shrink, and the red will not fade away; the pigment that is transported by the cells will not be removed, and the melanin will not disappear.

  Generally speaking, such fake scars disappear automatically on average about six months or so, but due to differences in personal constitution, some people will be longer than before, such as one year or two years.

People who ca n’t wait can only help with external rubbing such as melanin ointment, topical A acid, azalea acid, fruit acid or L-vitamin C, or receive fruit skin resurfacing, dye laser, pulse light treatment, vitamin C introduction can accelerate the disappearance of pigmentation.

  True scars can be divided into two types: pits and hypertrophic scars.

True scars do not disappear automatically, they need to be treated by a dermatologist before they disappear.

  Hollow scars are a common case. When acne is inflamed too much and the dermis has too much collagen, it is possible to leave hollows due to the collapse of real skin.

Many acne patients like to squeeze acne with their hands. If it is not squeezed properly, it will greatly increase the chance of purulent infection. It is easy to turn small acne and small acne into large acne, and then leave scars.

Once the cavity is created, it will not disappear automatically.

You have to rely on laser microdermabrasion to save you.

  Hypertrophic scars are commonly known as “crab foot swellings”, which are usually determined by their congenital constitution. They are the most difficult to treat and are prone to relapse.

This type of scar is exactly the opposite of a pit-type scar. It is an overly thick scar. It leaves obvious red spots on the acne-prone places. The appearance is red and swollen. Moreover, it is more serious because itGrab or stimulated by external forces and grow up slowly.

It often occurs in some patients with special constitutions. Some patients have too active fibroblasts in the dermis layer of their skin and over-react during the process of wound healing. As a result, the skin after the injury due to inflammation is not just concave, but ratherInitially, hypertrophy of skin tissue has become.

  The problems covered by acne scars include the epidermis of the skin, the dermis, and even the subcutaneous tissue below. The consequences include skin damage, tissue defects, and scar formation, which not only causes the appearance of the skin.Defects even affect the normal tissue structure of the skin.

To improve the problem of acne marks and acne scars, a doctor must diagnose and evaluate different types of scars to determine a treatment plan.

  Treatments available for black acne scars: A) Use L-C skincare products or L-C ultrasound to introduce: bright skin tone, promote skin and skin protein production B) use fruit acid-containing skin care products: simultaneous treatment of acne and improvement of acneScars, improve the removal of old waste keratin, help skin renewal, improve pigmentation after acne, lighten dark spots C) efficient whitening products or whitening treatments: slow down the formation of deep melanin and accelerate melanin metabolism: A) Pulsed light: can shrink microvessels and have a scar effect, but need to be treated several times.

The wavelength of the pulsed light increases the collagen in the dermis layer, making the depression no longer obvious and improving the pores. Therefore, it is also suitable for skin with coexisting erythema and slight depressions.

  B) Use care products containing fruit acid: synchronously treat acne and improve acne scars, improve the removal of old dead keratin, help skin renew, and improve pigmentation after acne. C) purification treatment: acne, pore removal to prevent and strengthen acneAcne treatment can be used for pit scars:.

hzh {display: none; }  A) 果酸换肤:使用高浓度的果酸进行皮肤角质的剥离作用,促使老化角质层脱落,加速角质细胞及少部分上层表皮细胞的更新速度,促进真皮层内Hyperplasia of elastic fibers has better curative effect on superficial acne scars and can improve pores. However, it can be eliminated after multiple courses of treatment, but the advantage is safety and can be avoided; B) filling method: implantationInjection (such as collagen), which compresses the depressions to bulge, thereby leveling with the surrounding skin tissue; C) Pulsed light: stimulates fibroblast proliferation, thickens the dermis, and smoothes out the cavities; at the same time, pulsed light can stimulate collagenThis method has a certain effect on red pox marks and newly generated shallow pits.

  D) Deep skin regeneration treatment: for deep acne, clear pores, lighten acne scars, and brighten the skin; 雷 E) laser microdermabrasion: suitable for deep pits, you can do microdermabrasion according to the depth of the skin pits, as long as 2?3 times can have a good effect, and the effect is longer, but because the laser microdermabrasion wound is large, it needs to cooperate with interventional maintenance. If the rehabilitation is not done, the skin may turn red and black.

  Treatment methods for proliferative convex scars: A) Local subcutaneous injection: For crab foot swelling and hypertrophic scars, directly inject drug injections into the subcutaneous skin of acne scars for treatment. The classification of this drug is mainly steroids, which can resistInflammation and dissolution of the inflamed tissue is the simplest and most effective treatment for proliferative scars.

After several injection treatments, the acne scars could not be gradually softened and changed from convex to flat, but the pigmentation of scar tissue could not be lightened, so there will still be some traces after healing, and the appearance of normal skin cannot be completely restored.

  B) Light therapy such as laser, such as dye laser, can smoothen hypertrophic scars.

  Points to note for the treatment of acne scars: 1. Regardless of what kind of acne scars are treated, acne needs to be cured first so that the acne no longer grows.
Otherwise, the best results will not be obtained while curing acne scars and growing new acne.
  2. After treatment, it can be combined with topical whitening skin care products combined with fruit acid products to enhance the efficacy, can inhibit the production of melanin, replace the promotion of skin metabolism, and accelerate the elimination of melanin.

Such as L-vitamin C, androgen, A acid, kojic acid, etc.

However, whitening skin care products and fruit acid skin care products are effective for melatonin melanin precipitation, while the effect on faded red acne marks is relatively poor.

  3. The mask is also helpful for the recovery of acne marks. When the mask is applied, reducing the mask can increase the surface temperature of the skin and create a self-help circulation effect on the face to help uniformity. At the same time, the repair nutrients contained in the mask can be better.Absorbed by damaged skin; gradually improves skin metabolism and helps skin repair itself.

  4. During pulse light treatment, it can be combined with fruit acid treatment and L-C introduction. How to match it depends on the skin condition at the time.

Pulsed light has an improved effect on the treatment of pigmented spots, especially red spots, because pulsed light has the function of eliminating microvessels.

However, because the microvessels have different depths of proliferation in the skin, once treated, they will fade once and require multiple treatments.

  5. For the treatment time of fruit acid peel or laser microdermabrasion, it is better to choose autumn and winter seasons, but if you can do sun protection, you can actually do it every two seasons.

  6. After completing the course of medical cosmetology, the most important thing is the maintenance after the course of treatment. Only by doing proper maintenance can the long-term effect of the course of treatment be maintained.

  7, after treatment, you must first pay attention to sun protection, a large amount of ultraviolet exposure will cause your skin to recover pigmentation during the recovery period, so that acne scars become heavier and stay longer, so it is not suitable for long outdoor activities.

  8. In terms of food, you can add some foods that have the ability to help the skin to even out and accelerate skin healing, such as: lily, mung bean, white fungus, lotus seeds, barley, etc. all have the effect of making the fire clear and the skin even.

  Nuts include almonds, walnuts, sesame and other vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C and vitamin A, such as broccoli, cabbage, green vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi and the like.

  Let me tell you two of the easiest and most effective ways to remove acne marks!

  1. Use VE (vitamin E), apply VE to your face when you sleep at night, and wash it off the next morning!

Hold on for a few days, the acne marks will be significantly reduced!

  2. With ginger slices, paste the ginger slices on the body for 15-20 minutes and wash them off. Hold it a few times and the acne marks will be reduced!

  Try it out!

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