“Ye Xiaogong,Little female mouth”

“No,I think it is not week.!If there is no carriage,Today is a bit trouble!”
“Ye Gongzi is not blame!”
The old man is suddenly hurting in the hand.,Niu Niu Heart suddenly poured a heart acid。
“father,You go back.!Have a big brother?!”
“I will come for you.!”
Qingshan Village,Su Yuqing opened the curtain,修 宁。
He cares for people to catch a car is not http://www.jhsfpx.cn very good.,But if you will go out to help yourself.,Niu Niu is definitely not happy
“nothing,I am coming.!There is a little bit of the town.!”
Make the BMW car in the Western Region,Ye Xiu Ning has a hint。
At the same time, there is a question of the hidden heart.,When is the wind like this??
I still think of myself for taming it.,The force under the hand does not consciously aggravate。
“Will you catch a car??”
Niu Niu, suddenly touched forward,I almost fell a dog.。
Su Yuqing quickly put down the car curtain,Hold your own little girl。
Silence outside the car curtain。
“Would you like me??”
“I am coming.!”
Ye Xunning’s tone is full of firm。
“Don’t let,How cool outside is!Big brother,come on in,I gave me a small fireplace.!Heteble!”
Niu Niu started to pull some older brother’s legs
“Old two,They left?”
Grande’s voice dull。
A silent in the house。
“Matcher,Niu Niu came back for a while!”
Uncle, uncle, I don’t know how to comfort it.,What to say,Miss should have already said before left home.。
Say,Uncle Hao still knows what the lady uses what reason to persuade Su family!Still in the case of the destination is the frontier。
“I know!”
Grande puts his hand,Signature yourself is not an http://www.dlpaw.cn occasion。
“Ming children will be New Year!”
The tears of Zhou have always been in the eyelids.,This will finally fall.。
“Niu Niu, this is going to do something.,And Ye Lao will protect the military,It is definitely stable!”
“What is the place where the military camp is safe?,She is comforting us.!”
“Dog egg,I’m going back!”
Don’t wait for other people’s response,Grandpa Suichao will go out。