“If you don’t plant it, you have no blessing.!”

I have thought about this problem in my home.,I got such an answer。So he didn’t say this thing in the village before it came out.,Xiaoli in the fly is enough to make people crazy,What’s more such a big pie?。
“How do we sell it??Someone is buying there,But we have no one knows this http://www.growthfull.cn thing.,I will buy this thing.!”
“This is the key to this matter!You look,what is this?”
The inside is careful from the arms.。
Silver ticket!
Niu Niu vowed,This is what she first saw this thing.,In addition to the historical class of the past。
At this time, I didn’t take the Niu Niu as a child at all.,A copy of it is talking to her。
In fact, this matter should still be found by Grandpa Su.,But in a conversation with a South,One south is too emphasized with Niu Niu。
“What is this??”
Niu Niu is pulling back in a word。
“This is a silver ticket.!Silver ticket~”
I didn’t take the sound.,I realized that I put the sound in the future.,
“Correct,You don’t know that it is normal.。Don’t look at a thin piece of paper,Valued a lot of money!”
“Where is the grandfather,Where did you come??”
“One South http://www.qdtqo.cn Grandma has left,I didn’t agree with this matter.。”
There is something?
What is going on in a South is not too much?!
148chapter Stone
“He said that we will sell him directly after we plant it.,At that time, he will say hello to find us.,Don’t sell outside。But it’s hard to talk about it.,I dare to promise.。”
I am very smart in just one.,
“But he now left something directly.,I can’t do it.。”
I dug a big pit for a south.!
Also forced to jump your own!
Niu Niu’s eyebrows。
Do not let go,Is it difficult to make an important purpose??
“Su Dazi,Is Su Lao Ge back??”
Another familiar figure appears at the entrance of Sujia Chuxi,
“Rumor,Are you here??”
“how,It means that only you can come.?”
里 正 佯 生 气。
“No no,Where can I dare?!Su Dazi did not say anything,I am too embarrassed.!”
I am http://www.xsd-space.cn afraid to abandon my words.。
Two old children are!
Niu Niu’s mood is soothless。
Is a blessing is not a disaster,It’s a misfortune.。No matter what,Ginger is definitely planted。
“Come here, I am here.?”