He just dreamed of the final scene of the finals。

The confrontation with Jordan is at the end,Tragic。
Both are close to collapse,Whether it is physical fitness or willpower。
Jordan finally used a great back-stop jumper,Completed the overtake on the score。
THE LAST SHOTCompleted the quasi lore in front of Kobe。
Jordan who missed it once,Did not miss the second time。
Kobe this time,Finally did not complete the capping。
The only time left for the Lakers0.7second。
Kobe uses O’Neill’s pick and roll,Ran out of the open。
Catch the ball,Shot。
The basketball moves across a beautiful arc,Fall into the basket。
but,The referee shows the lore timed out。
The moment the technical station’s penalty was confirmed,Jordan celebrates like crazy。
Jordan cut down67Minute13Backboard5Assist2Steal1Cap2Mistake。