Huang Lei didn’t go out this night,Just got a little wine to drink,Overall it’s pretty decent,Makes him comfortable and happy。

First2God is uncomfortable,The chick suddenly appeared by his side,It shocked him,I thought it was something。
“I said, can Miss Sister show up at someone’s bed early in the morning?,Don’t you think this is a very scary thing,Will make people feel extremely depressed。”
Huang Lei muttered a word and ignored him,It seems that the time is almost the same,Huang Lei told him very pertinently,You have to work out,Don’t waste time by yourself。
“I really want to exercise,One thing I am very curious,Didn’t I tell you last night?Your wife should be in this city,You should go find him,Instead of staying in this place。”
“What is there to find in such a thing?”Huang Lei said lazily。。
“I don’t know what you are thinking,Finally got the news,It’s not worth mentioning now in your eyes,What happened to make you discouraged at this time。”
“You don’t understand this thing,This thing is very particular,For example, when you feel that this relationship no longer exists……”
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifteen not a problem
“In fact, there is no need to pay attention to yourself at this time,After all, there is only once in life,Why do you have to live so embarrassingly??In my opinion, this matter should end here。”
The chick opened her mouth to say something,Then I think about it suddenly I don’t know what to say,The situation in front of her did make her wonder what to say,Pretty depressed,The atmosphere is also quite awkward,At this time she thinks she shouldn’t talk,So as not to make things worse。
But not to mention that he couldn’t hold back,I always feel uncomfortable anyway,Finally he said something,I don’t understand what the love of you adults is all about,I feel quite depressed anyway。
After speaking, he stopped saying more,Huang Lei just smiled at this,What can he say about things like this is good or bad,Or think this is a great thing,Or maybe it’s just a humble thing at all,It doesn’t matter anymore,It’s just a process anyway。
“After that, I won’t help you find information,You don’t know how hard I have to hit him every time?I have to find someone and spend money,Have to know this,I won’t waste this money。”
He left after speaking,Huang Lei is left alone,Finally thought about it,Suddenly I don’t know what to say,Somewhat speechless。
Huang Lei has to get up too。