Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Six look forward to

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look forward to
“Dressing。”Qin Liang said。
Yinyan realized that she wanted something wrong just now,Suddenly thought of something,Yinyan stared at Qin Liang:“My ribs,You picked it up when I fainted last time?”
Qin Liang nodded:“Yes,What’s wrong?rest assured,My craftsmanship is good,Guaranteed to be exactly the same。”
Listen to Qin Liang admit,Yinyan was dumbfounded,she was……Isn’t she all seen by Qin Liang??
Qin Liang seemed to know what Yinyan was thinking,He curled his fingers and flicked on Yinyan’s forehead,Said with a smile:“I’m afraid I will see you?What’s so scary,I didn’t see it when you were a kid,Hehe,Not only seen,Touched it。”
Of course Yinyan knows what Qin Liang said,That time she was punished and beaten,Qin Liang gave her medicine,Qin Liang was indeed touched that time。
but,Yinyan stared at Qin Liang:“That was when I was young,Can it be the same now?”
Qin Liang nodded,Looking at Yinyan,Mosuo fingered his chin and said:“Ok,It is indeed a little different,Much bigger。”
“what……”Yinyan blushed when Qin Liang said nothing to stop her,Staring at Qin Liang angrily,Reach out and hit him:“You bad guy,What nonsense……”
Who knows the action is too big,Suddenly pulled the wound,Yinyan couldn’t help crying out。
“Be careful,Don’t force,Be careful if the bones just connected are misplaced。”Qin Liang sighed,Said:“Your temper is really true,It’s just getting better,Lie down and don’t move。”
Yinyan also knows the severity of her injury,Put down your arms quickly,Stop moving,With only one pair of eyes, he threw a knife at Qin Liang。
Qin Liang completely ignored the eye knife that was launched,Bend over to check Yinyan’s ribs。
“Okay,No shift。”Qin Liang sighed。