“Oh,Mother Jiang said the same。”Peng Changyi’s eyes widened。

“Yes,Later I joked with mom,Say,Now your son has a big hair,Can you buy a lot of castles。Mother seriously called Xiaoding and me aside,Tell me seriously:Ah,This thing shouldn’t be something ordinary people can have,You can’t consume it。I understand what mom said,She needn’t say much。I seek my mother’s opinion,Asked:What do you say?Mom said:I just suggest,This thing belongs to you after all,And it was obtained through legal channels,The control is in your hands。then,I discussed with Xiaoding privately,Decided to donate it……”
“You decided to donate to the grassland?”Peng Changyi couldn’t wait to ask。
“Yes。”Jiang Fan took a deep breath,Said:“Just don’t tell me,This thing is in my hands,I am always on my mind。I just never thought of how to deal with it。I just said,There seems to be some kind of fate and agreement between me and the old lama,I can’t find him,I wonder if he is still on the pilgrimage,I don’t even know his life or death,But he is willing to give me this thing,It’s definitely not worth the so-called medical expenses,He knows the value of this thing better than I do,It is said that the small box that contains this thing is the bones of an ancient cow,Can you say he doesn’t know its value?So I think this is a kind of trust,It’s because we are fate,To say that I don’t have the power to control this thing alone,I don’t care if this person is still alive,This thing comes from the grassland,I want to return it to the grassland……”
“and so,You just decided to donate to the grassland in the name of the children?”
“Yes,I cannot donate in my own name。For this reason, our family held a family meeting when they first came,I told my whole family about my thoughts,Also told the two kids。”Jiang Fan said。
“Can kids understand?”
“Understand,Don’t underestimate their wisdom。After I took this thing out,My baby girl’s eyes widened,Said:Gosh,father,Are we rich?I said:Yes,We should be the richest family in Quan Langzhu or even the province,but,Grandma is right,We can’t consume it。I thought this little guy didn’t understand,But she said with her eyes wide open:Should I hire a thief??look,How quickly she reacted,She immediately realized that putting this thing at home would not only bring no benefit,It may bring harm。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,What did Dabao say??”
Jiang Fan said:“Dabao looks very deep,He looked at it for a long time before saying:I listen to dad,Since we can’t consume it,Let’s donate it。Anyway, when we grow up, we can still earn money we can spend。”
“Gosh,Dabao is amazing!”Peng Changyi sincerely praised and said。
“Changyi,This is the truest thought of our family,No noble ideas,I just feel where this thing came from and where it should go back。”
Peng Changyi nodded repeatedly,Say:“I know,I know。just,I have a different opinion。Hope you can adopt。”
“You said。”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“Do not participate in the amount,You should donate in the name of Dabao Erbao。I don’t want to make the measurement so easy to get such a heavy honor。”
Jiang Fan sat up when he heard him say this,Said:“Changyi,Our whole family agrees to this plan,This proposal is really not my proposal,Because I think you will definitely refuse,This proposal was first proposed by the two children,It’s they who say you have to measure,because,As long as there is something delicious at home,They will automatically reserve a copy for the quantity,I don’t care if Xiaoshu’s wishes will come true in the future,But the three children grow up together,Established such a pure friendship since childhood,I believe they will grow up like us,Will help each other,Siblings,Moreover,You love Dabao and Erbao so much,No difference from the amount of pain,Old Xiao said,Look at Changyi’s eyes on Dabao and Erbao,I wish these two children were also his own。I heard Xiaoding tell me,A few days ago after Dabao had a stomachache in the middle of the night,You can’t call a car,Ran to the hospital with Dabao,Coming to the hospital,Old Xiao drove the car to catch up with you,in your heart,Didn’t you use Dabao as an outsider??”
Peng Changyi looked into the distance embarrassedly,Said:“That’s different,Different。”
“Stop fighting。How about I call Xiaoding over,Listen to her?”Jiang Fan looked at Peng Changyi and said。