Sword director’s new work The Unstoppable Sun focuses on the advance team of the Anti-Japanese Army

“Sword” director’s new work “The Unstoppable Sun” focuses on the advance team of the Anti-Japanese Army
On November 4th, the TV series “Sunshine that Can’t Be Covered” starring Wu Qijiang, Liu Zhibing, Nie Yuan, Jin Chen and others announced that they will be scheduled to be broadcast on CCTV TV Theater from November 6.The play reproduces the difficult process of the Red Army’s advance team in the north to resist the Japanese, taking care of the overall situation, fighting alone, and coping with the central Red Army’s outstanding encirclement.The director of the play is Chen Jian, who is well-loved by the audience for directing “Sword”. In his view, “doing every job well” is his original attitude; screenwriter Liu Xiaobo once wrote “Eighteen Years of the Enemy Camp”, heThe story of being majestic, courageous, and generous in righteousness in the story of “The Sun Cannot Be Covered” is deeply touched.The show starring Wu Qijiang, Liu Zhibing, and Nie Yuan also said that they realized the power of faith from their roles.Nie Yuan played General Su Yu in the theater. He was honoured that his energy reproduced the heroic deeds of the Northward Anti-Japanese Advance Team. “Predecessors are also ordinary people, and they can cause great things in such a difficult environment. It is admirable.An actor is a tool used to express the emotions of an ancestor and convey the spirit.I am 40 years old this year, and I also hope to use the spirit of my predecessors to encourage myself and perform every piece of work.”Nie Yuan was at the conference.The picture comes from the online TV series “Sunshine that Can’t Be Covered”. It depicts that the North China Anti-Japanese Advance Team led by Fang Zhimin was chased and intercepted by the Kuomintang.After Fang Zhimin’s righteousness, everyone adhered to their beliefs and followed their wills, continued to fight in prison under an intricate prison environment, and finally walked out of the cell under the rescue of the party organization, spending the story of the new battlefield of the War of Resistance Against Japan.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo