7 tricks!

Exposing women’s false candidness

7 tricks!
Exposing women’s false candidness

What is the most terrible thing in love?

Woman playing fake with you!

  Obviously fatal, but pretending to be dating constantly; Obviously a master of love, but it seems simpler than anyone else.

  These illusions are a fantasy butterfly dress that a woman puts on herself, the purpose is to confuse you, and how uncomfortable it is to fall in love with a woman with a mask.

  As a man, don’t worry at all.

  Seven strokes, it only takes seven strokes to polish whether she is a “false seriousness”.

  One way to tell a joke: When a friend meets, a friend tells a colorful joke.

  She behaved: If she is indeed a good girl and her parents have been disciplined from a young age, then she can be forgiven for showing shyness and blushing.

But if you know that she has always been a master of love and read countless people, and heard a joke of color but is so angry that she can’t even let go, she can definitely judge her to be serious.

  Dismantling false candid: For false candid women, the joke represents a temptation.

In their opinion, the girls who understood and laughed were generally impure, so they had to show a strong sense of being free from contamination and not mingling with it.

  2 shopping practice with her: shopping with her is not wealthy.

  Her performance: Girls who are not affluent are usually more realistic. If you have 100 dollars in your hand, you can buy something less than 100 dollars.

But fake women are not the same. They usually go shopping while they only use a certain brand, and a certain brand is either first-line or imported.

Of course, if you don’t pay the bill, she will definitely buy nothing.

  Dismantling false candor: Women’s vanity is a big reason for false candor.

She needs to show that she has taste, and she will never let you find that she is just a wandering folk princess.

  3 On-time dating practices: Tell her to meet at 12 noon.

  She showed: Most men allow girls to be late, put on makeup, change shoes or something, so being late doesn’t trim her to be a fake.

But if she is always late for more than half an hour, she pretends to be inadvertent after she arrives, and understates that she has encountered an emergency when she just went out, or there are traffic jams on the road.

  Dismantling falsehood: how can you show its worth if you are not late?

Fake women will pretend to be wise.

For example: Are you free on the weekend? Let’s have a meal together.

She would say, “Let ‘s see it later, there are more dates this week.”

Actually, there is no date.

  4 and her intimate approach: you have reached the stage of going to bed.

  She expressed: In fact, everyone knows well, so it is normal for everything to happen naturally, but in the face of false seriousness, it is clear that you kissed and touched, but you are only allowed to stop there.

Even pretending to beg you pitifully, let me go, my first night was only for my husband.

  Dismantling falsehood: Is it actually the first time, it can be ground in the previous chat process.

For fake and serious women, even if they are enjoying themselves in bed, they must be forced to do so, it is better to make men feel guilty.

  5Tell her how to end the date: Tell her at the beginning of the date that this summer party may last until early in the morning.

  She behaves: Generally girls either refuse or don’t mind.

Only the one that is serious and serious will take a look at it, and don’t forget to tell you that you must rush home before dark, or before 9 o’clock at the latest.

You know, how could a well-educated girl not stay at night?

  Dismantling falsehood: Please, you are no longer a minor, and self-protection is the most basic requirement.

Its practical approach to going home on time before 9 o’clock to show that he is good at homeschooling can only make men feel very disappointed.  6 Calling from others: When you are together, ask a colleague or friend to call her.

  She behaved: normal women pick up the phone directly when they see the phone, but long if there is nothing but short.

Fake women are exactly the opposite, letting the phone ring for a long time, and then casually connecting.

  Dismantling falsehood: Phone calls indicate her popularity and admiration.

A rush to answer the phone indicated her initiative.

The purpose is only to hint you: I have many pursuers.

  7 How to evaporate on earth: If you fall in love to a certain stage, if you call her every day, you will get text messages for three meals. Please choose a day without making a call or sending a text message.
  Her performance: If she is missing you, then once you suddenly evaporate, she will eagerly text and call after waiting for a while to contact you.

If you are confident that she misses you, but after 24 hours or even 48 hours, she hasn’t waited for her call, this woman is mostly fake.

  Dismantling Falseness: Why not contact you?

The purpose is actually very simple, for fear that you will drop the price in the future.

She needs a man to take the initiative and then take the initiative, because she wants to show off to others, and he pursues me crazy from beginning to end.