“Ha ha!”Sun Litian,Tolsmut and others have also smiled and went up.,The two sides are excited http://www.wchats.cn to hug together。

“Who is going back??”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the people.。
“not going back!”
Sun Litian,White,Tolsmu and others have laughed。
“This emperor doesn’t go back.,but,Lin Big,To bring a few young guys。”Tiger king spit a few big words。
“Also multi-point coal coming。”Tolsmu reminded。
“rest assured!”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“The coal brought this time is definitely more than the last time.,What equipment needs??”
“need,Are on this note。”Tobehmie Wen said,He directly throws a group of paper flies to Lin Feng.。
Lin Feng smiled and grabbed this group of paper strips.,And then reminded:“Tiger King,You are careful,Three flavor,I don’t recommend everyone.,What I want to go,De Edge area,Is there any sudden thing to let me inform me?!”
“it is good!”Everyone heard a little slightly。
“If I rush?,Don’t take a day。”Lin Feng heard the words:“After all, I am crowd.。”
“Do not worry,What is wrong, there is definitely to inform you in advance.。”Tiger Wang headway。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I immediately turned directly to the space.,Then it disappears in the starry sky.。
When the wind stars, he suddenly sounded a cheering voice.。
Bo Miya is coming late at night,In the early morning, Sakawa Sakura,Night cold,Tiyin Yao,Evil, four women are still playing cards,Today’s night cold,The situation of the two people is much better.。
A large pile of dried fruit is placed in front of Sichuan Luo Sakuo and Tang Yinyao.,They are full of dried fruits in front of them.。
“7,8,j,q,k,a!”Sichuan Luo Sakura smiled a few cards:“I still have one,You don’t have a word,I won!”
Sichuan Luo Sakura opened a charming smile。
“no。”Evil road:“Do you both??”
“no,I will a little king。”Night cold and helpless laugh。
“we lose。”Tang Yao also took out a Dawang Road。
“European,I won,There is still a red peach left3!”Sichuan Luo Sakuo smiled:“remember,Give me 100 million dollars per home!”Talking between Chuandao Luo Sakuo took out the red peach3……
“Don’t bring this card,Is someone calculated??”Just put the red peach in Sakaeo Sakura3when,A sunny voice came from the door。
Stand in the door,This man is not Lin Feng and why。
Lin Feng looked at Sichuan Luo Sakura,Tang Yao two women are very big belly,I don’t know why,He is sad,He http://www.nameles.cn strives to control his emotions,Inhibit your tears。
NS1057chapter embrace
Sakaeo Sakura sitting in the east, see Lin Feng’s figure,She issued a cheerful voice,Her figure is hurried to stand up to Lin Feng’s,Incoming in Lin Feng’s arms,Tight hugged Lin Feng。
“sorry,I am late.,Let you be wronged。”Lin Feng tightly kawang Luo Sakuo。
At this moment, Lin Feng’s heart is more guilty.。
If you don’t want to think about this time,What is your own woman will fall??
“Brother-in-law,not late,Come back。”Sichuan Luo Sakura:“You have not come back late!”I raise my head between talking,The scorpion looked at Lin Feng’s eyes。
“This time,Our family is no longer separated.。”Lin Feng soft:“I will take you.!”
“knew。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo smiled from Lin Feng’s arms.。