When the realm is truly complete,Xia Chenglong slowly opened his eyes,Seeing Mr. Bai in front of him barely smile。

“Kid,I think that we should give up,It’s too dangerous。”
“No,Nothing,I can。”
The three-turn barrier-breaking pill appeared in his hand,The pain was too strong for him to take the medicine out of the bottle,But directly crush the jade bottle,Finally put it in the mouth resolutely。
This feeling……Wait for the three-turn Pozhang Dan to slide into the throat,Three stocks of black, red and purple represent the direct dissolution of the medicine power of the third revolution breakthrough,Move towards the veins。
This time,Xia Chenglong made an effort,Directly command the spiritual energy to impact the Linghai,release“Bang”the sound of,Rank 7 successfully reached Rank 8,The first turn has been successful。
Things are not over yet,Because the pain on the body still exists,Linghai becomes bigger after reaching Rank 8,At this moment, the practice speed is nearly ten times faster than usual.。
One hour,Linghai is full again,The purple medicinal power is combined with the spiritual power in the spirit sea,Rushing towards the inner wall of Linghai again。
Chapter Three Hundred and Four Enter the inner courtyard
Break again,Nine Stage Body。
Facing the smooth progress of the second turn,Mr. Bai breathed a sigh of relief,Then became serious again。
The first two turns are not too important,The third turn is the most important。
Transform the body into the transcendent state,This is a card point for many people。