“Ugh……You silly girl,You are pushing me into the pit,You really think your husband is afraid of me,He used to be true,right now,He dared to throw me on the bed anytime……”

Murong Shan is a family member,She knows more about men than Shen Ruoxi,Since that day Qin Liang kissed her in the kitchen without hesitation,She knew;Qin Liang no longer fears himself,I kissed myself this time,If conditions permit next time,He will never let him go。
Yanzi stood quietly watching everyone talking and laughing,But still don’t know how to join in,Years of killer career,Has prevented her from blending into the crowd well。
Except when I was alone with Qin Liang,She can still open her heart,Say more,Other times,As long as there is a third person present,She basically keeps silent。
She doesn’t want to joke with everyone,But she doesn’t know how to join in……
Everyone was talking and laughing together for a long time,Shen Ruoxi worried that Qin Liang had a hard day,I’m afraid I’m tired,Just to be with myself,I’ve been talking and laughing with everyone here。
“All right,Let’s go home,Our baby dog is too young,I’m afraid it won’t work after playing outside for a long time。”
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Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Ready for battle
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Ready for battle
Shen Ruoxi found a reasonable excuse to tell everyone。
“Xiaoyun,Help the master drive the car back,Master is tired。”
Qin Liang is too lazy to move,Simply awakened his little apprentice,Anyway, these female special forces have skilled driving skills.,Including Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue。