[Is white tea fermented?]_ Production_Methods

[Is white tea fermented?]_ Production_Methods

There are many types of tea at present. Let’s talk about white tea today. White tea has certain medicinal effects, which can help hangover and heat the lungs and lower blood pressure. It is very suitable for people who smoke excessively and drink alcohol and have a strong liver fire.The time will directly affect its medicinal effect. Generally, the longer the medicinal effect is, the better the medicinal effect is. It also contains a lot of amino acids, so is white tea fermented?

First, is white tea fermented?

Yes, white tea is a slightly fermented tea.

Fermented tea is mild in nature and is preferred by many people. Fermented tea has a good effect of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach, and has certain effects on reducing fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

The main reason is that during the fermentation process of fermented tea, the chemical substances contained in the tea have undergone excessive transformation, and the tea properties have gradually accumulated to be too mild, which does not have much irritation to the stomach and intestines.

The main feature of unfermented tea without fermentation is that the natural substances in the tea are retained in an overlapping manner. These natural substances have anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, and anti-aging effects.

However, since there is no fermentation, the content of tea polyphenols in unfermented tea is much higher than that of other teas, and the convergence is also relatively strong.

With fermented tea fraction, it has a certain irritation and is easy to irritate the stomach.

Secondly, white tea is fermented tea and is slightly fermented.

Put the sprouts of white cherries, and process them in a special and fine method without frying.

The main feature of white tea is the silvery white color, known as “green makeup”, and the bud head is fat, the soup is bright yellow, the taste is fresh, and the leaves are tender and even.

After brewing, it tastes delicious and has pharmacological effects.

Is white tea brewed or brewed for new tea?

Tea for more than three years can be brewed.

The new tea is too tender to cook.

Higher-grade white tea, some silver needles, and white peony, if the year is not more than five years, it is best not to cook.

Shoumei, especially Laoshoumei, is suitable for cooking and drinking.

Shoumei is also known as the coarse tea lady in Fuding. The leaves are thick and old, with many stalks, and resistant to cooking.

In addition, to cook white tea, you usually need to make two bubbles first, then put it in water at about 85 degrees, and cook it on low heat.

This will not only remove the old flavor of old white tea, but also awaken the activity of the tea, and the taste will be softer.

If the tea itself is of good quality, it can boil jujube flavor in two years.