Reduce the probability of getting fat in the office


Reduce the probability of getting fat in the office

Office white-collar men are especially at risk of getting fat.

Long-term sedentary work, lack of exercise due to work stress, or seeking comfort from food or alcohol because of depression, are the reasons why white-collar men lose their symmetrical shape on college campuses.

And your weight and the stress you are under will form a vicious circle: the average person is over-stressed under stress, and the indigestion causes overweight, so it is more susceptible to stress.

Some people think that the heart is wide and fat, and fat is a carefree performance.

From a psychological point of view, this argument is not unreasonable, which is one of the reasons why most men get married as quickly as the balloon is blown up.

銆€銆€Although men do not admire the beauty of the skin, it is not a good thing to be blessed. At least you will very much hope that you can see your belt buckle without reflecting the mirror.

Men tend to get fat and are different from women. Usually beer belly is the most headache for young men.

This is a fact that cannot be avoided: there are about 30 billion sputum cells in the body of a man, and these cells will be heavier whenever he is older.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier than before when he is 30 years old.

As a man gradually ages, his genes, hormones, and slowed metabolism begin to affect his abdomen.

However, the beer belly is not sustainable. If you remove it, you will look better, you will be more abundant, and you will continue to live.

銆€銆€Weight loss: moderate exercise, less weight and ease of weight loss is actually to change your exercise and eating habits.

Recall that you will remember that in the slim days than now, you definitely pay more attention to sports than you do now, physical education classes, forced movements on the way to school, and sexual impulses in your teens can consume your energy and make your bodyMore even.

Now, you seem to spend most of your time on resetting or at the computer desk. You don’t have more chances or time to exercise.

But no matter what you do, you still have a convenient way to consume too much.

銆€銆€Cycling, running, swimming, walking and other aerobic exercises are the most effective ways to consume the body’s transformation. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you can accelerate your heartbeat for at least 20 minutes.

Don’t expect that one type of exercise will be there and the rest will remain the same.

Therefore, weight loss can not be anxious.

In fact, the opportunity to exercise is everywhere: you don’t look for a parking space in a car-filled parking lot like a vulture looking for prey. Keep the car far away, you can enjoy the walk; walk into the building, don’t take the elevator, yourselfClimb upstairs; you can also send documents instead of e-mails; work breaks, don’t hesitate to go for a walk instead of coffee, cola, because walking can make you clearer than any kind of drink.

銆€銆€Lose weight: just change your eating habits instead of dieting. If I warn all men who want to lose weight: don’t go on a diet, I believe many people will think this is nonsense.

But in fact, dieting is just a short-term change in diet, and it is precisely because it is short-term, so many people who diet and lose weight have not achieved their goals.

On the contrary, there is an end to the beginning. If you start dieting, it means that you will end the diet in the near future.

It will only make you fatter than before.

Therefore, the weight loss method recommended by many medical experts is: pay attention to diet.

That is to say, the amount eaten is the same, but pay attention to what you are eating.

For example, 1 gram of trace contains 9 kilocalories, while 1 gram of protein is only 4 kilocalories, if you eat a bunch of fragrant kebabs and you eat two white boiled eggs of protein and protein for yourThe stomach enlarges the same volume, but the former will make you fat.

銆€銆€Experts believe that the daily absorption from adults should be at least 30%.

You don’t have to bother to count these numbers, just remember to eat less accidental food.

In addition, don’t be too anxious to eat.

Men always eat as if they don’t eat, and someone will grab them.

This way, when your brain hasn’t reacted, you’re already full, but you won’t stop eating until your brain hasn’t issued a full meal.

In order to coordinate your brain with your stomach, please put down your chopsticks while chewing, until you swallow it and pick it up.

Also, wine is the enemy of men’s weight loss, alcohol will lower blood sugar, increase appetite, so there will be an aperitif.