“Uncle likes to eat,That’s more!”

Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Say:“This vegetable nutrients are very high,Eat more, you have delicious!”
“Yes,Then I have to eat more.!”
Fang Xiu heard this,Take the horse to pick up the chopsticks and get the cucumber and the haircut began to eat.。
“You slow down,It’s so fast.!”
Lin Tianan looked at the dishes in the plate.,Rapida is anxious,Pick up the chopsticks and start to eat,even,I have a little regret in my heart.,What kind of lamb chops have been taken care of before?,I am really stupid.。
Lin Tianan eats the speed of meals,The vegetables http://www.lyeas.cn in the plate have a decrease in the beginning of the naked eye.,Not a while,There is only a disc.。
“seriously,These vegetables are really so delicious??”
“Don’t ask,Ask, just want to eat,Xuan Ge,You will sell it to us.!”
“that is,I really want to buy.,I really want to taste it.!”
“Xuan Ge,Everyone asked so many people,You will sell it to us.!”
People in live broadcast have urged,I looked at Shen Xuan and everyone, and everyone gangted.,Naturally, I will start to buy it.。
Why don’t you believe it?,It also can’t stand like this advertising effect bombed.,I can’t help it.。
The vegetables on the table have finished eating.,There is no lamb and beef, but no one is eating.。
Just Shen Xuan and Wu Xiuxiu、Xue Qing and others will only eat some meat.,Who let the vegetables have finished eating,They haven’t http://www.amyusb.cn eaten yet yet.!
“Would you like me to get some cucumber??”
Shen Xuan looks at everyone.,Try to ask a sentence。
Lin Tianan’s first talk,road:“Or cucumber is delicious,I haven’t eaten yet.!”
Not eaten?
This is said,People present in the field are weird,Just Lin Tianan is a lot to eat。
“what’s wrong with you,I have a meal at home.,You are not eating two ports.,Say to control diet,How to come here,Eat so many dishes,Haven’t eaten yet?”
Fang Xiu is white,Say that there is no goodness。
“This is the more delicious vegetables.!”
Lin Tianan scratches the head,Some are sorry to be said.。
Be more delicious?
Fang Xiu is not good to overlook the eyes,This word is really implicit。
Shen Xuan and Lin Wei and others paired the eye,Some miss,Is it so difficult to admit it??
“I http://www.baobaofan.cn go to the point,You are waiting!”
Shen Xuan stood up,A saying,Go one side,Pick up the cucumber begins to cut up。
Shen Xuan took the vegetable knife,Show a knife,Cucumber strip in his hand,Rapida has become a rooted cucumber。