Lu Hao Cheng is accompanying,It’s just that people in the company.。

One by one is full of dog food,But still very envious。
finally,After taking all things,There is no rest for a few days left from the competition.。
Blue Xin finally has time to rest.,Going home, I slept for a day, I’m going to come.。
Lu Hao became a relaxed,Contact Mu Ziji and Su Sei Ming,European,Lin Ye,Lin Wei Tian they go togetherKTVrelax for a moment。
A group of people went together after eating dinner in the Jiangshi Hotel.KTV。
Deluxe private room,Su Sei Ming twisted a tall and straight, starting the carnival。
A song, you have a heart, I am running, let everyone laugh, I can’t afford to come.。
Surprised atmosphere,Le Yu is pulling blue love songs,Zoom Lu Haoheng and Mu Zizi。
Because the two are very tacit,Special play in http://www.shoujiwaike.cnthe eyes of the eye,Sound and beauty,This is the place where the two are scared.。
Two people tacit,Will let Lu Haozheng often have a sense of crisis。
Le Yu wants to be a man,And what there is what is Lu Haocheng??
Le Yu and Blue Xin have been interested,Sing four love songs at once。
Blue Xin voice line is soft and soft,Le Yu is very ginking,If you can’t see people,I really thought it was a man and a woman sings.。
Lu Hao Cheng and Mu Ziyou regarded an eye,They are brothers who have grown together,Why don’t you don’t have the tacit understanding of Blue Xin and Le Yu。
However, Mu Zihao has seen the idea of Lu Hao Cheng’s heart.:“Although we grow up together,But our preferences are different。
”Lu Haocheng is not talking,If he is like him like, it is not that he Lu Haocheng.。
Ning Feifei and Acquisition,After each person sang,Leave the home to a few men。
Several women go to eat the barbecue card chat,Have fun。
Play late,Give Blue Xin to get the oil,Only go home。
Blue Xin solves the scarf,Deep sitting in the sofa。
Lu Haocheng is still in porch shoe。
Put down something in your hands,I walked to her shoes to sit down.。
He has passed her.: “Blue,Mother and Dad next week on Saturday,I just sent me a message.。”
Blue Xin is very excited,http://www.longjuhotel.cnAs well as eyebrows,“Aunt also said,Will see my game,But I feel this time she called me.,The tone of speaking is different from before.,I don’t know if I feel wrong.。”
Lu Haozheng slightly eyebrows,Li Yina’s guidance on Blue Xin,I have always been true,Just what happened to him and Song family,How can Song always have opinions on him?。
“probably not,She has always been very good for you.!”
Blue Xin also thinks it is something you think.,Maybe it’s a lot of things happening.,She also became sensitive.。
“Blue,You are too tired for this time.,have a good rest,Will nothing else?,I will always be with you.。”
Lu Hao Cheng kissed her head,Looking at her and shoulder long hair,“Do you have to cut your hair??”
actually,He prefer her long hair.,Very beautiful!Short hair is also beautiful,Pure and beautiful。