such as,Silver channel torn apart by the palm。

Another example,An altar torn by scary claw marks。
All these make Li Ming and Da Mo Daojun more cautious。
After all, Li Ming tried to attack with all his strength,It can only leave a shallow trace on the silver material,The third stage of the three forces in one is combined with the magic weapon of life,Li Ming’s full shot can definitely be regarded as the pinnacle of the Lord of the Holy City,Even reached the threshold of the dominance level。
Such an attack only left a trace。
Can tear the silver channel,Definitely not an ordinary master,At least the Lord of the Holy City,It may even be the terrible master of the three powers of Taoism!
of course,Li Ming knows,The one who tears this passage is the Supreme Pauline。
at last,Walked in the silver channel for a quarter of an hour,They reached the end of the channel。
After the end,Is a vast void,With a light blue mist,The mist enveloped the surrounding area of hundreds of billions of miles。
And in the middle of the void there is a bright star,Stars are billions of miles in diameter。
“gone!”Li Ming’s body and heart surge,Turning into a flow to fly into this star。
First9chapter intelligence
Obstructed by the thick cloud air,Li Ming and Da Mo Daojun pass through the layers of clouds and mist,Gradually,Both of them see the ground below。
Vast land,Mountain range,There are countless creatures multiplying in it。
“There are still a lot of creatures in this Fang Xingchen,And it’s still human?”Da Mo Daojun doubted:“Although a little special,And the life here is quite strong,But really and the Sith,Related to supreme?”
“Anyway, the news I got is so,I’ll find out if I go to catch a creature and explore it!”Li Ming’s eyes sparkled with candles,I can easily see through most of the stars,“From the breath,The life strength here is generally very strong,There are many levels of gods and gods,I can see the ancestor gods,Nearest to us,It’s a gentleman at 68 million miles—It seems we are lucky。”
Although Da Mo Daojun doesn’t have the magical eye power,But I barely saw that place。