Wang Liu haha smiles,Sulk out the kitchen。

Finish,First send Zhang Xiaoying to the design institute,Then the king flow back and back to the company。
Get into the door,Li Xiangtao actually waited at the door,Wang traffic:“It’s very early.,Don’t go to the company,Run coming to find me something?”
Li Xiang Tao:“qqPreliminary development is good,Come over with you。”
qq……You really think that you don’t make up.……Wang Flow,Asked:“Still very fast,Trademark registration?”
“Yup,what happened?”Li Xiangtao is unclear。
“fine。”Wang traffic shook his head,Trademarks let him register,It seems that this is not running.。
It is a pity that pony,If he saw the future competitorshipqqTime,I don’t know what he will do.。
Wang traffic is dark polar thinking,Turkey:“Software made so quickly,Is stability reliable?。”
“should be no problem,There are many types of software.,Technology is mature,It is not difficult to write,We have also tested,The internal trial for three days,Can findbugI have tried to find and fix it.,Stable operation should have no problem。”Li Xiangtao self-confident。
Wang traffic nodded,Asked:“functions?What functions have been designed for software??”
Li Xiangtao:“At present, there are two main types of software in China.,One is Tencentoicq,Another network chat room operated by each portal。
oicqThe features mainly have online paging、file transfer、Text and voice chat,I have just released a new version this year.,Added stealth function and movementoicq。
Network chat room featuresoicqSimple,More distinctive is to talk more about people。
Since we have to do network social network,Functional definitely can’t be less than they,Otherwise, there is no way to attract users.,So I spent a wholeoicqCharacteristics of chat room,Centralize their featuresqqOn。
The first version currently made,The main features include network paging、file transfer、Text and voice chat、Stealth、Mobile and group chat。”
“well done,Think of very thoughtful。”Wang Flow appreciated him a look。
People have me,People don’t have me,This is the king of competition.。
“Software is not,Let me also try。”
I have a boss to praise,Li Xiangtao grinned,Vividly:“Bring together,I will help you copy the software to your computer.,Can use the login account。”
Speech,The two entered the office。
Li Xiang Tao Xian Yin’s help king flows software copying,Then:“You can,You can log in now.。
Initial account, we are fixed, five digits,from10001Start,Randomly arranged,We are useless in the first account.,Leave you?,You type directly10001,Then set the login password,You can start trying。”
This is not a legendary ponyqqIs it??I am actually replaced with me now.?
Wang Liu’s heart,But think about it.,evenqqHe grabbed it,Grab aheadqqWhat,It seems that it should be。
I want to look at my eyes while I want to see it.qqicon,Classic little penguin image disappeared,As you didn’t remind Li Tao。
Even if he reminds him, it is useless.,althoughqicqHaven’t changed it yetqq,But the image of the little penguin has been occupied.,They can only redesign。
althoughqqNo classic little penguin image,Slightly regret,But this is also good to do this.,twoqCapitalqqletter,Middle plugged in two dots,The shape is like two stunned eyes,Placeful,Very fresh。
“Icon is not bad。”Wang traffic nodded,Exquisite,Then enter the account,Set the password,Finally click to log in。
Go online,Two prompts,Someone requested to add him as a friend,account10002。
Li Xiangtao laughed:“This is my account,Added you before,Click to accept,We are friends.,In the futureqqto chat with,But now I am not online.,Talking for temporarily talking。”
“Doesn’t there offline??”Winking fringe。
“Offline?”Li Xiang Taoyi,Then the eyes lighted:“Don’t say,This is really a practical function.,Even if it is not online,You can also leave a message offline,Waiting for the first place, you can see it.,More convenient communication。
Wang Flow is really a word bead,Just a word, I will give us a clear direction.,Offline function is not yet,However, wait for the next version to consider adding。”
Looking at a very important person,I didn’t expect it to quit the horse.……Wang is glanced at him,Appreciate:“Needless to consider,Be sure to add it in。