(rest assured,I won’t forget the debt last month)
First710chapter Jump price(Three shifts)
Liang Pinsheng doesn’t think much about his niece。
Men just look at the big picture,These caressing things,Usually don’t make them think too much。
Any man who thinks a lot like this,There must be no way to achieve a big cause。
The most important thing is the promotion of Yongxing Supermarket to the entire Shui’an Qingqing Phase II,This is the most important。
Compared to real estates that sell for more than 20 billion yuan,so2000Square meter,It’s not a problem at all。
“If it is about that area,What is our pre-order price?”Liang Pinsheng asked Liang Xiuxiu。
“The bottom of the first floor is the most essential area,Then there is a big square in,Then it’s even more golden。”Liang Xiuxiu smiled bitterly:“Less pricing10In case of square meters,That must be a loss。”
“10In case of square meters!”
Liang Pinsheng turned to look at Xia He,But found Xia He sneered。
“All right,No outsiders here,Don’t act in your family。”Xia He said,“I am also a trader,But don’t like procrastination。You quote a price directly,Agree to deal,If we don’t agree, it’s as if we never came。This matter,Don’t ask or persecute people,Everything is voluntary。”
The discretion on Liang Pinsheng’s face immediately became embarrassing。
Encounter this kind of thing,Take a pinch,By the way, talk about difficulty,Bargain by the way,Normal business method。
Who knows that Xia He doesn’t play cards according to common sense at all,It just broke their minds。