Ning Beizhi stopped here,Like organizing language,Then I continued:“I have another thing to tell you。How many Taoists will come tomorrow,One of the long road numbers‘Such as’,Zhongnanshan keeps and observes the Lord,One of the vice presidents of the National Taoist Association,Also one of the consultants of the General Administration of Special Affairs,Is a Taoist master who has old ways。I have seen him perform Taoism in Zhongnanshan,Can be called advanced。

After you saw him,You can mention Gan Yifan to him,Just say you have a good relationship with Gan Yifan,You can say you are his sister,In short, it means you are close to Gan Yifan,He can listen to you……What i mean,Can you understand?”
“This Master Rudao knows Gan Yifan?”Xu Wan surprised。
“understanding,According to Taoism,He can be said to be Brother Gan Yifan,But there are many things here,I can’t explain some things to you,You just talk to him as I said,Good for you。”
“Gan Yifan will also come?”Think for a moment,Xu Yu asked when boarding the plane in Ningbei Zhi。
“I hope he can come,But this kid has too much trouble。I am anxious to return to Ganning this time,A large part of the reason is because of him,I will be sure if I will bring him when I see him。No more,You pay attention to safety。”
Watching the helicopter lift off,Xu Wan breathed a sigh of relief。
Some time passed,She still feels nervous when facing Ning Bei Zhi,It’s as if all my thoughts will be guessed by the other party,Even if this person takes her very seriously,Try to train her,But still nervous。
There has hardly been a conversation like today,Ning Beizhi rarely communicates with her on matters other than cultivation,I don’t know why today,This one looks elegant,In fact, it’s hard to get close to Master,Gave her a feeling of calculation。
The calculation object is still the Taoist who sounds very powerful。
Helicopter flying over the desert,Ning Beizhi sitting in the cabin,Holding a few enlarged pictures in hand,A picture of a dragon flying into the sky that was accidentally taken by the expedition team that day,One is a picture of a hidden monster in Dongming Lake taken by satellites earlier,There are also a few photos taken by satellite,A picture of a looming monster above Dongming Lake,The clearest picture can tell the whole picture of the monster spreading its wings,Can still vaguely distinguish the figure behind the monster。
Helicopter landing at a military airport,It’s already a few hours later,He has to transfer to Beijing,Report to the General Administration of Special Affairs,Only then can fly back to Ganning。
And at the moment at Yunji Island Pier,Chenxi Medicine and his party went ashore,Two security guards are missing from those who came this time,Two more researchers,Chen Yubo explained to Gan Yifan as soon as he went ashore。
Gan Yifan said:“I’m not so stingy,You don’t need to tell me about staff changes。”Chen Yubo just listen,In his opinion, Gan Yifan is a caregiver,Continue to introduce the two researchers to Gan Yifan,Very serious。
A group of people on the island,Chen Yubo couldn’t help but look to the jungle to the west,Yesterday the formation of the wolves made him scared to remember。
Dense fog,He can’t see far,Worried:“Will the pack of wolves appear?”
Gan Yifan said:“Yunji Island is so big,The wolves range almost all over the island,Of course there will be。”