“If you lose Kyuubi,What will you do?”

Catching the Kyuubi thing,Bo people know。
“will die。”
“.”Of course bloggers want to become stronger,Become a ninja recognized by your father,but,If this becomes stronger,It’s the price of other people’s lives,Bloggers are unwilling。
After hesitating,Bo Ren looks at Naruto in front of him,Tao:“I will help you too。”
Kyuubi’s ability to sense good and evil allows Naruto to clearly perceive whether a person is malicious towards himself。
Looking at the blogger in front of you,Naruto nodded。
“and so,who are you,Edogawa Hiroshi,Why the nine-tailed chakra reacts to your chakra?”
While chasing Xiaonan,Naruto asked。
“.Naruto,Don’t be too surprised when I say it,in fact,I am not called Edogawa Hiroshi,My real name is whirlpool blogger,It’s you and Hinata’s son。”
“So。”Naruto easily believed what the blogger said,Nodded,“It’s no wonder that the nine-tailed chakra will react to your chakra。”
“Ugh?”Now it’s the blogger being confused by Naruto,“You believe so?”
“Ok,I believe you will not lie to me,And you and I really look alike。”Naruto, who is Renzhuli, also seems to have a beast-like instinct,“Just ahead,Sister Xiaonan!”
Hear Naruto’s voice,Xiao Nan with Nagato on his back also stopped,Looking at the blogger following Naruto,Asked:“What’s going on with him?”
“Actually,Sister Xiaonan.”Naruto explained to Xiaonan,Xiao Nan also looks at the blogger with weird eyes from time to time。
“You really are Naruto’s son,From the future?”