When I got a call from Zhu Mei,Shen Huan’s mood is unspeakable joy。

Zheng Rongrong, the princess,It’s so refreshing to do things,Really comfortable!
Yesterday’s sunday,Just《love letter》domestic4Last day of the week。
As of last night last night,China domestic《love letter》The total box office is3.2Billion,Ranked in the list of movie history13name,It is also the best ranking of literary films。
This result,On Monday today,Also occupy all entertainment-related website news and meager headlines。
Those who like to watch literary films,I can finally say proudly,Our literary films can also make high box office!
Shanhai.com,Is the docking company for settlement with the theater,After they get the money,Will and《love letter》Crew settlement。
Shanhainet in order to get《love letter》Distribution rights,But paid a huge price。
in case《love letter》’S box office didn’t arrive1Billion,Then they will directly give the crew4000Ten thousand。
If it exceeds1Billion,The settlement ratio is very very high35%。
right now3.2Billion at the box office,Naturally follow35%go。
Under normal circumstances,Checkout time will be long,Usually3Months to half a year。
Even longer,It’s also normal within the industry。
As for《love letter》The crew and Tai Chi country、Japanese benzene issuer settlement,It really takes about half a year to complete。
Because it settles with each theater,Tax or something,Is a tedious process,But have to do it。
But Shanhaiwang is different!
I settled the bill last night,This morning1.12100 million after-tax share,It hit Zhu Mei’s account。