Without waiting for Liu Xiaoyun to answer,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue had already rejected the general’s bad intentions in unison for the first time,And Liu Xiaoyun stopped talking。

why not?Give me a reason。
General asked。
I gave you Liu Xiaoyun,What shall we do?We all point to her to make plans, okay。
Qin Liang replied first。
She is my best friend,Also my sister,I won’t be separated from her if I was killed!Resolutely not!
Shen Ruoxue replied second。
Really can not?
The general asked another question。Actually, he really wants to dig Liu Xiaoyun’s corner,No one is easy,No one can stop!After all, he is the real boss of Dragon Soul,Ultimate superBOSS,Even Qin Liang has to listen to his orders。
No way!Say nothing!
Shen Ruoxue answered without hesitation,There is no room for negotiation in the tone,It’s definitely a determined rejection。
The guards began to look at Shen Ruoxue with incredible eyes again,Dare to be so blatant,A person who resists the general face to face without fear,They have never seen it before,Shen Ruoxue is the first!
Then I’ll wait,As the saying goes:Not afraid of thief stealing, afraid of thief thinking,There is always a chance that I can dig into the corner of Liu Xiaoyun。
The general’s nonchalant answer,Aspirational,Confident。
Can’t!Resolutely not!
Shen Ruoxue has nothing to look back……
Liu Xiaoyun is a dumbfounding,Didn’t you come to visit the armory??Why didn’t I see the door of the armory?,But it has become a snatch?
Don’t talk or laugh or be fun,Of course the general made such a joke with the girls on purpose,But the joke is a joke,After this joke came out casually,The general really had such a plan in his heart……