“I just said casually,Don’t take it seriously……Or one is called Xiaoxue,One is called Xiaoyun……”

This is the best name Qin Liang can think of。
“You shut up。”
Shen Ruoxi also decisively gave the order。
Because of Qin Liang’s repeated troubles,The naming event is temporarily terminated。Eaten,Qin Liang suddenly said loudly;
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Chapter six hundred and thirteen Give me a daughter
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“okay,You all go upstairs and continue to serve your little ones,I’ll pack things。”
“it is good,Then work hard for you。”
Shen Ruoxi was the first to thank you,Then hula it all at once,All the people are gone,Only Murong Shan is the last。
“Don’t you go,Help me pack things together。”
Qin Liang grabbed Murongshan who was going upstairs and said。
Murongshan didn’t know Qin Liang was making her idea,I think I really agreed。
Two people packed everything in the kitchen,Murong Shan rolled up her sleeves,Ready to wash the dishes。
Qin Liangzhen listened carefully at the kitchen door,Make sure everyone else is in the bedroom upstairs,I entered the kitchen,Hugged Murong Shan from behind。
“What are you doing!”
Murong Shan was shocked,Hurriedly asked。