slowly,Looking at all this。

The more so,Actually, Ye Xuan was looking at all this,Whole person’s mouth,Even slightly up,Bring up an intriguing smile。
But from the current point of view,Such a problem,How to solve it。
Actually all this,It gives people a very strong feeling。
While watching this scene,At this moment,Ye Xuan slowly raised his head to look at this。
“well,But don’t talk about anything else,Since he really intends to do this,Then let’s,Just send him on the road!”
Ye Xuan finished,The others nodded repeatedly。
Since now,Everyone has decided to do this,Let’s start。
Chapter 109: Lin Sichen’s Evidence
“Everybody,I believe you all must also want to know,Who did it。”
“right now,I can tell everyone,Ye Xuan did this!”
When Lin Sichen was talking here,Those around,Are looking at。