Mbappe came off the bench and completed a hat trick in 22 minutes

Mbappe came off the bench and completed a “hat trick” in 22 minutes
This morning, Mbappe came off the bench and staged a “hat trick” in 22 minutes.Figure / Sports Champions League group stage continued this morning, Paris Saint-Germain played against Bruges.In the 52nd minute of the game, Mbappe came off the bench, then completed three shots and one pass in 22 minutes and staged a “hat trick” to help Paris beat Bruges 5-0.This is not the first time Mbappe has made a substitute.In the last Paris away game against Nice, Mbappe, who came off the bench in the 83rd minute, also completed the pass data.The difference this time is that he made history and became the first player to complete a “hat trick” since 2008.The last player to have this performance was Joseba Llorente, who came off the bench in the UEFA Champions League group match against Villarreal in October 2008 and completed a “hat trick.”The 20-year-old and 306-day Mbappe is still the fifth youngest player to complete this feat in the history of the Champions League.Athletic, only Raul (18 days and 113 days), Rooney (18 years and 340 days), Halland (19 years and 58 days) and Yakubu (19 years and 306 days) are four players who are smaller than MbappeWhen he was young, he completed the “Hat Trick” in the Champions League.Because of injury, Mbappe has not played a full game in two months. He enjoys the feeling of returning to the field.”It feels good to be back, I want to participate in every game and score.My injuries are past, I have returned full of blood.This is not my victory, this victory belongs to Paris.”Mbappe said.