Tai Chi Chuan hits a healthy new world


Tai Chi Chuan hits a healthy new world

I have been in the age of ruin, but my face is ruddy, my body is tough, and my mind is quick.

From the body, I am abdomen, my body is straight, my ears are not listening, my eyes are not spent, my actions are clear, my mind is clear, my spirits are slim, my body is fit; from the loose work.

After retiring, I am also responsible for the work of the old cadre branch of the unit. I am keen on the work of the Reconstruction Work Committee and publish more than 100 articles in newspapers and magazines every year.

銆€銆€Taijiquan, good physical fitness partner Before the Spring Festival of 1992, I retired from the leadership position, to be honest, busy at work, really “eyes, busy to turn off the lights”, work life is very fulfilling.

Once I stepped back, I was doing nothing. In addition to eating, I watched TV and slept, and my weight quickly increased from 76 to 93 inches. My height was only 174 cm. People looked like a filled ball.
Self-feeling all day is confused, as well as elevated blood pressure, decreased vision, weakness in the waist and legs, and languid all day long.

I feel helpless to the doctor. After the doctor’s examination and laboratory tests, there is no big obstacle in the body, just lack of exercise.

The doctor gave me a 10-word doctor’s advice: to be healthy, to sleep less.

銆€銆€So, I tried to dance old age, shake the bamboo and other sports, but these activities are not of great interest to me, and I can’t keep going.

My friend, Zhang, the coach of the City Gymnasium, integrated all aspects of my situation and suggested that I play Tai Chi.

In the fall of 1992, I officially went to coach Zhang and began to learn Tai Chi.

After practicing boxing for one year, my boxing skills became more and more proficient, and my physical and mental appearance changed a lot. Taijiquan not only eliminated my ills, but also lost weight to 78 weights and my body recovered.

With the encouragement and support of Mr. Zhang, I participated in the 1995 and 1998 Urban Elderly Wushu Festival, and won silver and gold medals respectively in the two martial arts festival Taijiquan traditional routines.

銆€銆€Tai Chi Chuan, grace and grievances often see that I have a close relationship with Tai Chi, Tai Chi has become an indispensable part of my life.

Many middle-aged and old friends want to learn from me to practice Taijiquan. I said that the teacher collapsed and everyone practiced together.

There are a lot of people who are looking for me to learn to punch. I can’t promise them all, and I can’t cover them all.

Therefore, there is a gossip saying that Pharaoh has a reputation, and now the shelf is big, and it is a slap.

Some people say that the old king behind the charge of collecting gifts, who has more money or who has more gifts, he will accept who is a disciple, counseling who.

One more thing: a middle-aged woman practiced Tai Chi, and I corrected several of her actions for two days in a row, and it was a gossip.

These message slang came to my family’s ears, and my family was very upset. Especially my old woman still ate vinegar and didn’t talk to me for a few days.

Later, I told her that I was not afraid of being affected. I did not practice fucking for fame, not for money, but for physical fitness.

I also honestly said to my boxers that I am not a professional sports coach and I am not qualified to accept apprentices, but I have learned more than a few days.

As long as I will, I will tell you without reservation.

My words have won everyone’s trust. Under my experience, our old Taijiquan is very good. At the opening ceremony of last year’s “Huanghai Cup Kite Festival”, I can also perform a Taijiquan with my companion and won.The audience’s praise and the applause of the tide.

銆€銆€Taijiquan, martial arts culture, longevity, I want to remind friends who are learning Taijiquan, to practice Taijiquan, to “quiet”, to overcome the distraction, to replace the distracting thoughts, to concentrate on thinking, to guide the movement with consciousness: the second is to “song”Overcoming the tension, only after the emotions are relaxed, will they enter the normal state; the third is to “sink”, to sink into the dantian, to be loose and introverted, to overcome the troubles of anger;Avoid contradictions and conflicts, resolve contradictions, and soften “just”. Often, we must live in harmony with people and form good interpersonal relationships.

銆€銆€Tai Chi Chuan carries the essence of many Chinese excellent cultures, which are rooted in the fertile soil of national traditional culture.

It is both martial arts and culture. It is both a fitness technique and a body-protection technique. It has both health and fitness value and artistic appreciation value. It is a high-grade leisure sport with a double life and a profound Tai Chi.In front of the school, I will always be a primary school student.

Friends, if you are interested, do not hinder us from entering the magical world of Tai Chi, let us live together for a long and healthy life.