But at the next night,Summer received a call from Wen Wen again,Invite them to participate in a seater with Luo Qianjin。

“Foreigners will have more,Are they not tired??”
Summer secrets,I want to refuse,Self-portable reasons,But let him have to go。
“summer,In fact, I invited you for Camilla.,She said that she wants to give you the last bet.。”
Phone,Wen Wen paused,Time to think about summer,Also,“and,This wine will be held by her uncle.,Many guests have come,How many luxury manufacturers who prepare to cooperate with you,Will also be present。”
Listening to him,Summer is not good.,Nod,“Ok。”
Hang up the phone,Two people drive away。
Participation location,Is one of the most powerful clubs in Sni……Hebrew。
It is said that members of this club,Never more than 300 people,There is no money to enter。
http://www.hupozhijia.cn I want to be a member,At least five internal member guarantees,And the expense is scary。
But even if I do,Many rich people are also turning this.。
Don’t look at Hebrews, there are not many members.,But everyone is a big person with identity.。
For those rich people,Represent identity,status,Grade。
When they come,Wen is already waiting early,I have a few words.,Enter the interior。
The overall style of this meeting is blue.,It is noble and charming under the light,Internal decoration is also very luxurious。
Three people on the third floor,It is also the destination of this reception.。
Summer and Luo Qianjin are very formal,Especially Luo Qianjin,Dressed in black evening dress,Appear,Immediately attracted a lot of attention。
But very quickly,People’s eyes are turned to wearing a suit wearing a suit.。
The eyes are full of curiosity,Examine,Surprised expression。
I don’t know in summer.,Everything happened in the Swordsman Club,In the extremely short period of time, it caused a sensation in the upper circle.。
Many people show great curiosity to his identity.。
Especially when this income is incompatient in the ear of young people.,Amazing again。
Perhaps those young people don’t know the background of the sword.,But their elders are clear about its origin.。
13Is a gang organization,Although the influence in Siki is not big,But but can’t deny,It is one of the world’s nine hegens。
Those families are extraordinary,But don’t think it’s confrontation。
Although I can’t touch the bottom of the summer,But does not affect their judgment。
This is also a few times after,One of the reasons for the attitude of several luxury manufacturers。
“Miss Luo,You can be beautiful today。”
One of the middle-aged people came with a smile.,Pingzhong,Immediately nodded to smile in summer。
He is the person in charge of the Hujiang Constanton watchmaker,Rodney。
“Hello,Mr. Joe。”
Luo Qianjin is polite with him,Then two people talked on the topics of cooperation。
soon,There is another person to go to the cold.。
Just not get a moment,Luo Qianjin was surrounded by people.,Talk talk。
It is a agent of luxury manufacturers in these days.。
See this,Summer is also so happy,Find a location and Situ。
Wenye has made a referring,One service to have two glasses of wine。
“summer,Can you tell me?,Who are you?http://www.zhuangyan086.cn?”