Qin Liang took the opportunity and started to make terms again……

“Can’t you thank you in other ways?”
Yang Shiyun also deliberately said。
“You are going to bargain with me?No way,This is definitely not discussed,In addition to agreeing,I don’t accept anything else,Save it,Don’t make your little idea,I already said,you are mine,Can’t run away。”
Qin Liang said without leeway。
Yang Shiyun expressed his dissatisfaction,But there is no resistance in my heart,She knew Qin Liang would not let her go,I know I’ll lose myself to him sooner or later,She is already mentally prepared for this,The point is that she is actually willing!This is the most important!
“Cut a yarn,You Liu Ju told me in person,Gave you to me,Don’t believe me next time he comes, ask him。”
Qin Liang said triumphantly。
“Hurrah!Liu Ju actually betrayed me behind his back!”
Yang Shiyun pouted after speaking,She knew that since Qin Liang dared to say that,Liu Yong must have really said this。
“OK,Don’t be stubborn,Your city council,From top to bottom,Who doesn’t know you are my Qin Liang’s girl??The little brother-in-law still calls less。Just follow the public opinion。”
Qin Liang had a few more words。
“Why am I so fate……Betrayed by everyone!”
Yang Shiyun sighed and said,Qin Liang’s few words are also not nonsense,Of course she knows this,Qin Liang“Little brother-in-law”The nickname is really well known in the city council,She even heard it in person countless times。
“This is God’s will!Providence,So don’t have any burdens,Just obey me obediently。”
Qin Liang started to comfort Yang Shiyun。
“Then you are satisfied,And me?Didn’t I suffer a big loss?!”