Ronman said so,It’s exactly what Peng Changyi said,in fact,Does she fully understand what Peng Changyi said?,I have a question mark。

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“How are you doing in Kangzhou?”
Listening to Peng Changyi asking himself like this,Ronman’s heart softened,No longer conceal the dampness in the eyes,Her eyes were red immediately,Choked and said:“Ugh,So-so……”
Peng Changyi heard her overtones,There was a sardonic smile at the corner of his mouth,Said:“The current municipal party committee leader of Kangzhou attaches great importance to your business,Can’t be said to be so-so,It should be the wind and water。”
Rongman lowered his head and smiled,Said:“I did not expect that,The wise Mayor Peng has the same views as outsiders,I only saw the surface。”
“Oh?Am i wrong?Secretary Meng Ke takes care of you differently from others,And I heard that your personal relationships are also developing smoothly。”Peng Changyi does not intend to leave Ronman retreat。
Rongman heard Peng Changyi say this,Blush again,She looks a little embarrassed,But soon calm down,Looking at Peng Changyi,Blinked his eyes vigorously,I froze back with my tears,Asked softly:“What other gossips did Mayor Peng hear??”
Peng Changyi lowered his head and smiled,He didn’t want to answer her question,Turn the conversation,Said:“correct,I haven’t had a chance to say sorry to you,This time finally came,I solemnly say something to you today:Sorry。”
Ronman didn’t understand what he meant for a while,Asked:“Why did you say sorry to me?”
Peng Changyi said:“I drank too much that time,Smashed your car,But I can’t blame it all,Lao Meng begged me to drink,And I didn’t know that Lao Meng drove your car,the man,This is the virtue,Toss after drinking too much,Drunk crazy,Don’t you mind,I really drank too much……”
“Mayor Peng……”Ronman interrupted him,Looked at him and said:“I come this time,I’m not here to hear you say sorry,You have no place to be sorry for me,in contrast,You helped me in many ways,at this point,Xiaoman is grateful。”
When Peng Changyi saw Rongman, he didn’t want to mention the accident,And speak very politely,Also very measured,Slowly relax the tight nerves,He smiled and looked at her,Said:“you are too polite,I have said,Entrepreneurs are a group that should be respected in today’s society,Is our most respectable person,This group not only creates economic value for society,Also created social value,Ensure the stability of one party,As a government leader,Responsibility and obligation to solve your problems。”
Ronman listened to him while putting on his high hat,Singing high-profile again,She couldn’t help laughing,Said:“Xiaoman is here this time,I’m not listening to your flattery,Don’t put a high hat on me。”
“Ha ha。”Peng Changyi,Then I have to ask:“correct,You find me……”
Rongman calmed himself down,Say:“I am looking for you,But wait until I finish eating, OK??”Ronman is not in a hurry to tell her story。
“What’s so bad about that?you eat,Eat slowly,The dishes I ordered for you are the signature dishes here,Eh,Why don’t you move the chopsticks?Don’t be too picky……To be nutritionally balanced and comprehensive,So healthy……”