“Although I don’t know why,But probably,Can guess some。”

When Gao Xinshu is talking here,at this time,Gao Hong in front of us,It feels very interesting。
“in fact,Brother Ye Xuan did this,Most important,Still want to anger the Huang family。”
Enraged the Huang Family?
Other people looked over,Don’t understand。
If you do,For Ye Xuan,There is no benefit at all。
But why,What to do?
at this point,Deep inside others,The more I think about it, the more I feel I can’t understand。
And see here,at this time,Gaoxinshu does not forget to continue talking here。
“Actually a little,Before us,No one has thought about it carefully。”
“Since Brother Ye Xuan did this,,Then other families,What do you think?”
High-tech book finished,Gao Hong is very interested,The same for others。
“Other families,Will definitely take advantage of this time,Come here to take advantage。”
“But what we need to do,Just take advantage of this moment,Give them the most deadly blow!”
When Gao Xinshu is talking here,at this time,Others are curious,Look in front of you。
After all next,Let’s not talk about other things for now。
But the next thing,In fact, this is absolutely necessary,It should be better to deal with it quickly。