Cloud game concept stocks rise across the board: game developers’ bargaining power improves

Cloud game concept stocks rise across the board: game developers’ bargaining power improves

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  Original title: Cloud game concept stocks rose across the board: Game developers’ bargaining power increased Source: Cailian News this afternoon, cloud game concept stocks rose across the board, up 3%, ending the closing of the market, Jinke cultural daily limit in the sector, Dr. Peng, YouzuInternet, Langma Technology and other stocks soared.

  In 2020, since Google announced the cloud game plan at the GDC (Game Developers Conference), the world has shown great enthusiasm for the concept of cloud games.

American head company Activision Blizzard game content development companies are exploring cloud games, and cloud gaming platforms represented by Google STADIA, Nvidia has also entered, with more than one million registered users.

Recently, the domestic cloud game technology service provider Weiling Times completed a multi-million RMB Pre-A round of financing. The management said that there may be new content forms and terminals in the future.

  China Merchants Securities said that the landing of 5G technology will become the last piece of the puzzle in the cloud gaming sector.

Eio’s research report shows that 5G technology has large bandwidth and low latency, which makes it possible for cloud games to run smoothly.

Conversely, cloud games with high color depth, complexity and other requirements will consume huge amounts of traffic, which will effectively improve the operator’s 5G network conversion, thereby promoting the expansion of 5G on the consumer side.

  It believes that the popularity of cloud games will reduce the performance of hardware equipment doors and rich user experience models to a certain extent, thereby bringing new user increments and market scale to the game industry, and activating potential market space under hardware barriers.

In the future, competition and differentiation within the industry will depend on quality content. Correspondingly, the bargaining power of game developers in this industry chain will be further enhanced in the future.

  Dongxing Securities proposes to tap cloud game investment opportunities from the two main lines of cloud game industry chain and cloud game users.

1) Cloud games may be the king. Operators have the largest proportion of the industry chain. It is recommended to focus on operators with cloud game operation capabilities. 2) The 杭州夜网论坛 main consumer groups of cloud games are core and hardcore game users.

These domestic game users are mainly concentrated in some online game products and game community platforms. The companies behind them will have a development advantage in the wave of cloud games.

  The industry chain related targets recommended by it are: Tencent Holdings, Netease, Perfect World, Gigabit and other game development operators; Douyu, Huya Live, Bilibili, Heartbeat and other gaming communities.