Are you a poisoned parent?

Are you a poisoned parent?

“My father used to hit me before, but he hit me just to make me obedient. I don’t understand what this has to do with the breakdown of my marriage.” This is the beginning of the book “Poisoned Parents”, right!

Does it matter?

The author said that in her 18 years as a psychologist, she found that most patients suffered from self-esteem, and often reprimanded, ridiculed, beaten, derogated, or made them feel guilty, and imposed too much responsibility on them.Too much care is closely related.

  Therefore, a kind of “harmful parents” is regarded by the author as “poisoned parents”. During those chronic poisoning processes that lasted one or two decades, many children could not recognize that they were harmed, but were distorted and growing.And bring after-effects such as inferiority, anger, guilt, pressure into your marriage, and some of them have already been defeated in the interpersonal relationships with others.

So each of us, men and women, needs to check whether they are also harmful parents?

  At the beginning, the 38-year-old surgeon who was successful in his career said that he had been married for 6 years. After his wife, a pediatrician, begged to end the marriage, he went to the author for help.

Previously, he had been snarling at his father from an early age, beating him as “isn’t this the case with both parents?

“Go into unconscious self-avoidance until the therapist says,” Your wife is a pediatrician. If she sees a child in the consulting room, with the kind of scars your father scratched on you, she should not follow the law.About authoritative reports?

The visitor suddenly realized, and murmured with tears: my stomach was blocked.

  The actual injured adult has an injured childhood. Obviously, the father who needs to see a doctor in this case is the father, and it is the father who grew up in the family of the injured parent.

Therefore, here is not to blame the “poisoned parents”, or everyone to self-examine: Am I a healthy person?

If I still have a lot of confusion, pain, and various unhealthy emotions, then I will sort out myself, including studying, communicating with people or consulting with the professional psychology, etc. After understanding the crux of the problem, many heart knots are opened, soIn order to establish a long-term intimate relationship with others, it is also suitable for children and know how to treat life well.

  Many adults lament that today ‘s parents are embarrassed. Not to mention the abuse type, but the doting type also constitutes a condition that hurts the child. The key lies in the immature nature of the adult himself, and he fully meets what he did not enjoy or achieved.Support the child, whether he wants it or not?

Is it suitable?

In our society, we can say that there are many examples of love and misfortune.

  After all, the above-mentioned types of “poisoned parents” and their victims’ children, look for this book first!

Of course, learning similar to parental education may gradually be fermenting, and there are a lot of them on the market.

Failure to learn is tantamount to ignorance and must bear the consequences.

There are some unmarried or newly-married people who are the lightest of all. When you are not sure, don’t be an innocent life parent easily. When you are ready, it is not too late to welcome the arrival of a small life!

Do not hold your grandson’s expectations to cope with the physiological clock or the elderly.