Night owl’s day sleep is actually the most hurtful

Night owl’s day sleep is actually the most hurtful

Night owl life is too sparse and common for modern people. Although everyone knows that staying up late is bad for your health, but few people can really rest on time.

Teacher Fu Yingjie told us that the dangers caused by staying up all night are countless, and as long as you stay up all night, you will have to make up your sleep in the future.

What should the correct lifestyle be?

  Many office workers have to get up early every day due to work needs, yawn in the car, and there are many people with sleepy faces.

So, at the end of the week, many people’s first plan is to make up for sleep. Some people even sleep on their heads all day long and stay in bed.

Is it so useful to make up for it?

Experts say that such a way of weekend sleep is harmful to health.

  ”Lack of sleep is harmful” “Overtime work in the evening until the early morning, I still have to work as usual in the morning. After a week, I have a severe lack of sleep, so I have to use the weekend to make up for sleep!”

Xiao Zhang, who works in a high-tech unit, is helpless.

  According to reports, many people think that the accumulated fatigue can be recovered through a long sleep. In fact, this is a big mistake.

Proper sleep can restore physical strength and eliminate fatigue, but if you sleep too much, you can’t eliminate fatigue, but it will affect your health.

  When a person is in a deep sleep state, the nerves and muscles are completely relaxed. After waking up, they are naturally refreshed, but if they wake up and fall asleep, the nerves and muscles are in a tense state at this time, and sleeping will affect the wholeThe state of mind of the day.

  As the saying goes, “debts are repaid”. The money owed can be repaid, but sleep cannot be repaid. Bujuan cannot be remedied.

Experts point out that some people will feel dizzy, fatigued, and eat badly when they are sleeping. They have shortness of breath and shortness of breath. This is because most of the time the human body is in light sleep or dreaming. These are not effective.Sleep, supersaturated sleep will cause the body’s biological clock to be disordered, causing the human body to fail to perform self-regulation properly, and various discomforts will occur.

  Correct sleep is the key According to the introduction, the ideal sleep time for ordinary people is 8 hours, when you wake up naturally and wake up refreshed, it proves that you have sufficient sleep and good quality.

But for many people, they are usually busy with work and have a lot of entertainment. I’m afraid I can only sleep for about 6 hours a day.

Otherwise, problems such as irritability, emotional instability, inattention, skin aging, and decreased immunity will follow.

  There are usually two ways to fill your sleep: noon and weekend.

After taking a nap after lunch, you can supplement your sleep well, and the quality is better than taking an extra hour at night.

On the weekends, you can’t get too much sleep. Adults can sleep for 7-8 hours.

  However, supplementary sleep is a last resort. It only prolongs short-term sleep deprivation. If the lack of sleep lasts for tens of days, the body will be overloaded, and the damage to the body will not be compensated.

  Experts remind that sleeping awkwardly on the weekend does not exchange for good quality sleep. Sleep quality is more important than sleep time.

Some people sleep on weekends, from morning to noon, and from noon to dinner, which makes them feel dizzy, but it will be counterproductive and affect the previous regular sleep.