The Jade Lady’s Heart Sutra that allows older women to marry

The Jade Lady’s Heart Sutra that allows older women to marry

In nature, animals have a unique way of courting, and males often emit odors or make small gestures to signal females’ courtship.

Animals are still like this, not to mention humans?

Do you smell the smell of love he passed on?

Is he sending you a Morse code for you?

  First, you are extremely concerned about your work, study, and living conditions, and even your hobbies.

  Second, take the initiative to introduce your situation to your family, friends, colleagues, fellows, etc., and include preconceptions in comments.

  Third, consult with you in case of an accident, solicit your opinion, and take the initiative to ask you for ideas and think of ways.

  4. Do everything possible to inquire about your past situation and the situation of your family.

Especially interested in your personal.

  Fifth, when introducing you to others, you often exaggerate your strengths, strengths, reduce or conceal your shortcomings, mistakes, and even use your shortcomings as advantages to highlight them.

  Six, because you are out for work or study, you will never forget to bring you some small gifts, souvenirs and the like.

  Seventh, remember your birthday best, and often create some festive atmosphere or surprises for you on this day.

  Eight, on Valentine’s Day, he will definitely give you roses and ask you to go out and party.

If you refuse, he will certainly be unhappy.

  Nine, love to look at your album, care about the photos of young and opposite sex on the album, and often ask some strange questions for you to answer.

  Ten, start to pay attention to your opposite sex friends, colleagues, and try to reach out and understand them, if it fails, it will produce a lot of suspicion, envy and even resentment.