After his sentence, he said.,I was still surprised that the teammates killed by the road.,I have been comforting him.。

He next to himADCTeammates are also,But seeADCTeammate’s expression,Obviously, there is still a bit of not going back from the situation.。
Long out,JDGThe auxiliary green hair is shaking the head,Then close the screen again。
Just this time,He hopes to the eyes of the opponent,Bring a few points in the faintness。
Chapter 97 Mistake
andIGTeam wheat at this time,It is completely different sights.。
baon:“Wow wow,Brothers flashed,It’s really good.。”
theshy:“Hao fan,Hao fan。”
ng:“Brothers,You react。”
Um……how to say,actuallytheshyIt is completely not seen this wave killed,He is busy with the line?。
But after seeing Kazah’s next blood,He is also very happy,So just followbaonShouted together。
ngI really saw it.,The reaction of the palace clear is indeed amazing to him.,So the voice of his waves is the biggest in Mairi.。
Untilrookie,He didn’t see the whole process of killing。
but,When killing the prompt light,He is insteadIGThe most happy voice of the team。
In addition to them,IGOthers in the training room reacts different。
Golden Crystal deeply looked at the back of Qing Wen,Then I took out a small book.,What is written above?。
Su Xiao Luo’s eyes are light,Some restraint,The back of the back is not consciously held into a punch.。
As for the corneranqi,Then after a look at it.,From the eyes of each other, it clearly captures the emotions called panic.。
“This……cough,This should be luck.?”
When the opening,Only I found a lot of saliva in my throat.,This is the time when he is,Automatic secretion。
anqiAnd his eyes,Compare,His expression must be more calm。
“probably,The green hair is impossible to misty。”
Say,He uses a moving action,What secretly wiped the sweat oozing on your nose。
Narrate,I can’t help but nod.。
But in fact, the water is not mistaken.,Their two of them are the clearest。
I will also know in my heart.,If the situation is just now,Change yourself oranqiif。
possibleIGDown the way,I have already collapsed.。
so,HearinganqiAfter the duck mouth is hard,,He also did not open again,But will pay attention to the training competition。
Lower this wave fight,It seems that it is the fuse of the situation on the field.。
after this,The head of the two sides quickly started outbreak,Just seven minutes。
The head of the field is from1:0,became6:2。
Looking at the strong performance of others,And unparalleled fighting capabilities。
Palace Qingwen suddenlyanqiAnd more than a bit of understanding,There is such a middle wild,IGofADCmost of the time,It’s really hard to have too big to play space.。
At this point in time,The second small dragon is also refreshed at the same time.。
Scene occupies an advantageIG,Naturally, it is impossible to let this Dragon.,Otherwise it is not a face.。
IGHere,theshyBring the line in the past。He hasTP,So I don’t have to come over。