Zhuang Shao said with a sneer,Then take out the phone,Dialed a number!

“Hey,Ghost!You come over to me!one person,I want you to do it!”
Phone,Shao Zhuang simply said a few words……
Not long,A strong man with a height of 1.9 meters came to Zhuang Sheng’s villa!this person,The ghost that Zhuang Sheng called!
Agui stopped in the room,The air in the whole room is a bit cold!Mr. Liu stood by his side,Can’t help but shrink back!
This man named ghost,Chills,Make him unbearable!Obviously,This ghost must be the kind of ruthless character who lives on the tip of a knife。
“Zhuang Shao!Which one does not have eyes,Dare to mess with you?I will kill him right now!Cut off his head and make you a urinal!”
Agui said fiercely,He is a thug raised by Zhuang Sheng secretly,When there is nothing wrong,Basically won’t use him,So this ghost is also suffocated,Finally got a job,He couldn’t wait immediately!now,His eyes are already emitting bloodthirsty red light!
“Ha ha,You sit down first!I’ll talk to you slowly。”
Zhuang Sheng looked at Agui with satisfaction,This ghost is the most powerful general under him,Quite famous in the underworld!Another good hand!Fight,Five or six people are not his opponents!
“The person in this photo is called Qin Liang!Residential address,Where to work,I wrote it all!This man took away a good stone from my house a few days ago!You go kill him for me,Clean hands and feet!”
“I’m ready for you50Ten thousand,After you killed him,It’s best if you can get the stone back,Can’t get it back,Don’t worry about it!Go abroad immediately to hide from the limelight!Wait for me to settle this matter,I’ll notify you again!”
Zhuang Sheng finished,Keep one50The bank card worth 10,000 was put on the table in front of Agui……
“Hehe……Zhuang Shao!do not worry!As long as it’s me,No one has ever survived!This kid is so weak,I can break the bones of his body with one punch!Just wait for my good news!”
Ghost picked up the photo and bank card,Patted his chest proudly,Confidently assured Zhuang Sheng。
“it is good!You have a ghost,Of course I can rest assured!What happened after Qin Liang was killed,you do not need to worry,I will help you settle……Oh,and also……There are two girls beside that kid,Don’t hurt them,The two of them were taken by this young master!Hehe……”