Principal Zhang, who is rare to express his opinion, raised his watch to show his intention to speak。

The host readily agreed,Principal Zhang stood up with his hands on the desktop and said:“Listen to what Xiaofang said,Think about it right,I think it is necessary to discuss this issue,My situation is similar to what Xiaofang just said,Usually in meetings,I realized that once I said to ask the management cadres or–Speak freely,The tone of the whole meeting is basically over,Xiao Fang,Tell me,How is this going?”
Echoed by a steady person like Principal Zhang,Everyone here feels the same,Yes,That’s it。Experienced people nodded their heads and exchanged and participated in discussions。
Whether you are starting from scratch or accumulating virtues from your ancestors,They all have a small foundation in career。Career development,Under the fairly favorable market conditions,It’s not difficult to make profits and get money,just,When I want to further my career,But there are always some unexpected constraints,In addition to the unspoken rules emerging in the market,Management and personnel are both a very energy-consuming level。To this,Under the concept of private ownership,The young managers who want to improve the development of the enterprise take it for granted and expect the collective wisdom of the staff,But middle managers responded very cautiously and tactfully,Like what Xiaofang described,This‘Speak freely’It’s almost equivalent to the rest of the meeting.。
Thanks Fang Yourong for the nonsense,Lu Feng, the host who caught the topic, followed along,“Correct,Xiao Fang,What do you think。”This is a good topic,Put aside‘people oriented’Political slogans do not count,Enterprise development needs corresponding talents,Identifying and retaining talents are difficult problems that test the wisdom of private enterprise managers,And the hardest part is,When calling on employees to brainstorm ideas for the company has become a taboo vocabulary for employees,It has not only restricted the development of the enterprise,It also has an impact on the stability of personnel。
Fang Yourong who continues to be stared at is dumb,Let him talk?Who did he provoke?This group of capitalists want to bully him?
Outside——The third meeting of non-governmental organizations across industries chapter Five
“Really want me to talk?”Fang Yourong, who reconfirmed, looked around,Are these guys mocking him??When he’s just like that?
Looking at Fang Yourong’s ultimatum-like virtue,Touching the memory of being ironic,Lu Feng hesitated。They all have a small world of self-centeredness. These people don’t have to listen to a salesman to make irresponsible remarks.,only,Speaking of this,Have to admit,In just a few years you can have a tiled home in this city,For grassroots salespersons who rely solely on sales performance,Fang Yourong must have experienced many grassroots issues that they would not touch,Listening to Fang Yourong, who has been running at the grassroots level for a long time and can think well,This is also an attempt to listen to the response of the grassroots。Knowingly may be satirized,Lu Feng endures everyone’s meaning。
Fang Yourong who can’t get support can only support himself,but,It’s not easy to bully him,I have experienced three to five years in society,The eloquence gained from running sales every day is directly in line with the business capabilities of the MLM organization,In addition,In order to make big money,He also specifically went to the national legal MLM organization——Insurance company has participated in salesman training,Facing the joint bullying of capitalists,Working people are not easy to mess with。Want to come too,Since the first meeting,With a little directional thinking,There are a lot of gains in the wandering around the employment agency,Take it all out now。
“I remember at a party last year,Some people take advantage of their own narcissism over others,In a lively chat,Made a non-committal criticism of the migrant workers who poured into the city,In particular, the negative view of cheap labor was raised,Raised one’s own superiority to the extreme。”
Xiaofang’s eloquence is so good,Very western black humor,No swear word。but,That’s a beating,Which said?
Glance left and right,Keep your eyes on Lu Feng, who is slanting his chin and looking at Fang Yourong.。Look at that look,No need to guess,It must be Lufeng。Li Zhiyuan on the side slowly opened his eyes。