Ding Yi originally worried that Jiang Fan would be too harsh on the child,But after the two children are born,She just found out,Jiang Fan loves them most,Instead, he said that he set too many rules for them。Today Jiang Fan was uncharacteristically at the dinner table to two children who were eating quietly.,She felt something was wrong,But what happened,She has no idea,From the eyes of my husband,She saw that something was hidden in his heart。

Do not know why,An uneasiness grabbed her heart。
“Second treasure,Don’t let dad feed it,Dad is hungry too,Come,Sit in your seat,eat by yourself,Alright?”
Ding Yi said,I stretched out my hand to hug Erbao。
Erbao heard her mother say that father is hungry,Took the initiative to leave my father’s arms,Do it in your own seat,Took the spoon from dad,Eat your own food。She has a bite,Just look at dad。
Jiang Fan smiled at her,Touch her head lovingly,Pick her up,He didn’t neglect his son,Picking vegetables for my son。
Ding Yi feels that Jiang Fan is indeed a bit abnormal today,He doesn’t eat it himself,But kept watching the two kids eat,While serving the kids,Give her and mom and dad some vegetables,This is rarely seen in normal times。
When Jiang Fan picked up vegetables for Dad again,Dad smiled,Said:“Xiaofan,What’s wrong with you today,Why are you so polite,I cook,Know which one suits my appetite,Don’t give me food。”
Mother also said:“Xiaofan,Eat it yourself?”
Jiang Fan put down his chopsticks,Said:“dad,I think about it,I have time another day,You even move in from Beijing,Don’t go back。Clean up the house and let Jiang Yan rent it out。”
Dad said:“We will definitely focus on this side,But I can’t keep going back there for a few days,Sometimes I miss them,and so,The house over there is not for rent。”
Jiang Fan said:“father,You didn’t understand me,I don’t mean to let you take this side as your master,Is not letting you two go back to Beijing,Here,I can’t do without you from now on,Xiaoding can’t get two by himself,And the nature of her job determines that she doesn’t have a point。The child’s grandpa is not healthy,Can’t count on them,also,He can’t bring children,I still have creative tasks。”
Jiang Fan didn’t mention Aunt Qiao。
Mother looking at son,Said:“Xiaofan,Is something wrong with you?”
Dad also said at this time:“Yes,Why do you always say these unintelligible things today?Is there a job change?”
Ding Yi’s heart is moving,Look straight at him。