Liu Xiaoyun started acting like a baby……

“Good good,If you are so cute,How could I still be angry。”
Director Huang said with a smile。
Yang Shiyun and Meizi followed behind and laughed secretly,Liu Xiaoyun is now good at it again,Actually even learned Shen Ruoxue’s coquetry skills,Now she is more invincible in the world!
The other side,Qin Liang and the others are also chatting。
“Can we still catch that skin monkey like this??”
Shen Ruoxi’s concerned question,She has now begun to integrate into this action。
“rest assured,With your sister Liu Xiaoyun,Don’t say it’s a leather monkey,Just a group of skin monkeys,She can catch them all,Don’t underestimate Liu Xiaoyun,This girl,It’s really amazing!”
Qin Liang said proudly。
“I never underestimated her, okay!”
Shen Ruoxi said disdainfully,Then changed the assault rifle from one shoulder to the other。
“are you tired?Come,Give me the gun,I’ll carry it for you。You rest first。”
Qin Liang said thoughtfully。
“Do not,So many outsiders are here,I can’t shame the Dragon Soul Warrior,I carry it by myself!”