Chinese table tennis team apologizes for the abandonment of the match

Chinese Table Tennis Team Apologizes for Abandoning the Event
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 24th—The Chinese Table Tennis Team issued an apology letter on April 24 for the number of Chinese men’s table tennis players and coaches who abandoned the match at the ITTF China Open. The full text of the regret letter is as follows: On June 23, 2017In the late antiques of the ITTF World Tour China Table Tennis Open (Chengdu) men’s singles 16 into 8 game, Chinese table tennis team coaches Qin Zhijian, Ma Lin, athletes Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong are not fully aware of national table tennisIn the case of adjusting the specific content of the team management model, we used our will and retired the game without authorization. For the impact of this incident, we profoundly made a serious mistake and caused a serious social impact, disappointing all walks of life to the Chinese table tennis.The team’s love has damaged the Chinese table tennis team’s good social image of adhering to the spirit of patriotism and collectivism, fighting hard, and winning glory for the country.  The occurrence of this incident exposed the serious management problems of our team.In this way, we are very sad and deeply blamed.We sincerely accept criticism from all walks of life and sincerely apologize to the fans and audience.The Chinese table tennis team learned a lesson from this incident and deeply reflected on it. While striving to surpass the outstanding sports performance, it effectively strengthened the ideological style of the team, inherited and promoted the spirit of the Chinese table tennis team’s hard work, tenacious struggle, and glory for the country.  The interests of the motherland are above all else.The Chinese table tennis team will reward the motherland and all concerned and cherished team development with practical actions and outstanding achievements, and support the broad masses of Chinese sports.(Finish)