“Please help me implement this first,Let’s meet again。Hurry now,It’s going to die late。”Li Tianzhen disagrees。

“okay。No matter if there is any result,I’ll call you after I’m done。”Shen Yingjie unexpectedly didn’t insist,I picked up my bag and went upstairs。
Li Tianchou came out of the police station,Wogua is very honest squatting on the street and smoking,Hand smoked yellow,Mouth is also sucked,The two of them took a taxi to Yuxing car dealership。
Luo Jun came back last night,Li Tianzhi briefly introduced Wogua,And take good care of each other,Then went out。
This situation right now,For strangers,Luo Jun still maintained his due vigilance,Because he has never seen Wogua,I didn’t see any hint from Li Tianzhen’s words and deeds,So although I drank with it,,boast,kind,But will never reveal thatSZA secret safe house arranged by the city。
Luo Jun did it in strict accordance with Li Tianzhi’s requirements,hidden、Convenient transportation and three unexpected standards,Actually very harsh,But he still found it,He guessed it might be used to house important、Protected Yuxing members or insiders,So be extra cautious。
Li Tianzhen went to Kaiyuan Automobile Trading Company,He wants to find Xue Monkey about some things,After all, Yuxing teamed up with the other party to form a joint venture with Ernst & Young Cheung’s hotel,Can somehow know the situation before and after。
Monkey Xue is more blessed than before,I was so surprised when I saw Li Tianzhen,The appearance of the other party is completely different from the boss of Yuxing back then,I wore a robe?What is this http://www.shinanmusic.cn situation?On the other hand, I feel guilty,Although Yuxing’s current experience has nothing to do with him,But at the beginning of the joint venture, he helped Xie Dabao say a lot,I didn’t think much,Collecting money can also promote a joint venture,Why not?
Later, Xue Monkey transferred the shares of Yuxing Kaiyuan to Ernst & Young Xiang and Xie Dabao,Made some premium,Gradually, I just threw this thing behind my head。After that, Yuxing got bigger and bigger,He is still a bit complacent,If it wasn’t for his white lie,,Where is the current Yuxing Kaiyuan Hotel?
“You told those white lies?”
“Is to brag about Rock Investment with Ernst & Young,Brag about Xie Dabao’s identity,Later, he accompanied Fu Er to inspect,The old payment is actually a lot of exaggeration。”Xue Monkey blushes。
“So how is this rock??”
“I look like a bag http://www.dlgjgf.cn company。”Xue monkey gritted his teeth,“But it was very pompous to receive us,And the way to buy shares is too tempting,Pure cash。I also persuade Lao Fu,Money is not in the account,Never sign an investment agreement,There is no risk at all。”
“So pompous、Discount,Why do you look like a leather bag company??”Li Tianzhi is pressing step by step。
“Super five-star office building,Said he took a whole floor on the golden floor,You say ostentation is not?But Lao Fu and I only spent less than half an hour in a small conference room,Was taken to eat,I didn’t look at other places。And the staff in charge,Feels weird,Female,The man is too hard,So pretending to be polite,Very fake。”