Yang Zhi, who was still smiling and watching the excitement,The smile instantly condensed on the face,This ending came a bit too suddenly!He is not mentally prepared at all……

Since Luna is egg white, these three foreigners are not bad guys,That makes Yang Zhiduo’s three apprentices good,Anyway, the master led the door,Practice depends on the individual,Yang Zhi won’t lose anything,And in this case,Do you accept them as dragon soul fighters?,You can leave it alone for now。
This is Qin Liang’s strategy!
“master!Be worshipped by the apprentice!”
The three foreigners are also clever!Qin Liang just finished speaking,The three of them knelt down decently,Then he knocked his head vividly!
Yang Zhi is embarrassed now,I’m sorry if I don’t accept it。
“Get up soon,I just accept the three of you。”
Yang Zhi said helplessly,Qin Liang threw this pot to him,He can’t do it without memorizing it!
“congratulations,My brother’s skill is much better than me!”
Swallow immediately“Passionate”Said。
“But the seniority of the four of you is a bit lower,You have a lot of little uncles……”
Yanzi endured a laugh again。
“This is okay,We don’t care about this。”
The three male killers immediately agreed with a smile。
“Ugh……The world is unpredictable!I didn’t expect the end of this operation,It’s like this!This is really unexpected,Happy ending。”
Qin Liang said with emotion。