The whole world knows that quantum physics is easy to get started,But only people in the industry understand,The so-called entry is not a fart at all,At most, I just understand what quantum mechanics is studying,Actually don’t understand quantum mechanics at all。

Getting started is not easy,Let alone learning,And self-study。 Plus eighteen years old,Old John felt that even if Einstein was reborn,I have to kneel when I see this young man! Such ability is more than enough to be an idol。 Even more than idols,Old John thinks […]

Lu Haocheng laughed:“Blue,my happiness,That is to warm with you.。”

Warm heart,Blue Xinhe。 Blue Xin smiled and looked at him.,That brilliant smile,Incomparable,“Me too。” Lu Haozheng bowed,Gently kissed on her forehead。 Lightweight,I saw a silver car.,Hit the black car parked in front of the villa。 Lu Haocheng lips hook a slight smirk,Lin Ye’s stupid,Actually use […]

Although the internal force is still a slightly info, the old three,But such as Yue Lao San, such a rivers and lakes,Already completely not the opponent of Chu Deirers。

Flowers,Orthothy“flower”Come to use time、Or the timing,The core is the grasp of the timing! Flowers are blooming,Holding the opportunity,Even“Now”Artistic conception——Early one points, the flowers are not open,Later, spending。 Between,It is no longer limited to that seven hundred kinds of moving changes,It is full of grasp of […]

And this way,IGIt seems that it has established an advantage in the early stage.,It seems that the rhythm has also fallen into their hands.。

But for some people, the conclusions of this time,FPXExpress,They don’t agree。 Situation on the field,After this wave,It’s a long period of time.。 Everyone is on the surface of each other,It seems that peace is incomparable,It seems like that kind of sprinkling,It is the illusion of […]

“Will it?,The computer has not bought it yet.!”

…… People in the live broadcast have helped Shen Xuan to recall.。 after all,And pig brotherpk,Many people remember clearly! Finish,Determine, etc. to install the network cable,Shen Xuan also saw the scripturespk! “You don’t say,I have forgotten it.!” Shen Xuan is also a shot forehead,Immediately said。 […]

Xia Jian agrees very much with Chen Xia’s words,No loss is someone who has gone abroad and studied,Look at the problem and analyze things,All have an admirable side。

Fang Fang is obviously not interested in their conversation,She just listened silently,Pour Xia Jian a cup of tea from time to time,Or just put Xia Jian in the bowl in front of you,Anyway, the job of her assistant,Do it vividly,Make Chen Xia sitting next to […]

After all, Li Pei is still the first for the first to make her some heart.,It is also the first man who is a charm of her.。

“Hey-hey,You don’t want the site in the east of the county?” “Um? Shimao’s site? He is a lot of people,And his hand is also a desperate,If you have a woman, I am a woman’s home.,Not going well to solve it.。” There is nothing to do […]

But the next time,The night group has two sisters,Kill the fifth floor from the first floor,How much is the monster?。

Both orc sisters feel that they have changed significantly.,But the night is indeed still a yarn.。 “Does the adults do not accept the gods,Become an adventurer??” Wait on the night,It is no longer possible to describe it.。 Even“Adventurer”,If the number of low grade magic […]

“Damn,do not run”Spring anger,Then fly over the past。

“hehe,It’s useless,Even if you will fly or not”Spring。 Then I play a kick on my feet.,A storm is waved by him.,Instantly hit the proximity,Kick him out。 “All right,I should say goodbye.,You play slowly。。。。”The body of the spring is slowly pulled。 at this time。 “Spring,Do you […]